Ceramic sculpture repair

A clay sculpture, in the process of burning in a ceramic oven, may explode, crack and break for various reasons. Most often, the broken sculpture is repairable and can be restored using various repair materials and techniques depending on the type of damage. Below is a demo of how to repair a ceramic clay sculpture that was broken during the fire, using ceramic sculpture repair kit.

Prepare the broken sculpture pieces for the repair.

Check the presence and fit of all parts.

Liquid epoxy adhesive is suitable for bonding parts that are under load, such as a base (holding sculpture) and parts with a single sticking point. Apply epoxy adhesive to the surface. Spread the glue with wooden spatulas at the junction of the glued part and the sculpture.

Attach the parts and wait½ hour until the epoxy will dry.

Parts that are not under load can be glued with carpentry glue. The paste stiffens for no less than two hours.

חללים ריקים שעלולים להיווצר, בגודל מעל 1 מ"מ כדאי למלא בשפכטל אפוקסי.

חריצים בגודל פחות מ-1 מ"מ אפשר למלא בשפכטל דס או שפכטל עץ.

It is possible to mix Das clay putty and white crack putty to get a more suitable color tone for the sculpture. The terracotta clay sculpture can only be covered with Das clay putty, and the white clay sculpture can only be glossed with white cracked putty.

Sharpen filled places with sandpaper to achieve a uniform texture.

The sculpture is ready for display, but it is recommended to color the sculpture using the recommended coloring methods.

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