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The BEZEFER is a home to study the three areas of art: sculpture, painting and drawing. A detailed section is devoted to each art field, which presents the art field, guide on how to get started and what is important to learn for the basics, suggests practical and useful tips and advices, explanations and exercises for implementation.

25 Masters

A unique project by the artist Alexander Cherkov - a tribute and gratitude to artists in the various art fields whose worldview has influenced and contributed to the formulation of the Cherkov's perception of art and life in general.


You will soon be able to explore the art world with us from the beginning to the present, get to know the styles and streams of art, expose the psychology behind art and wonder with leading philosophers about the place of art in our lives

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Art & Gifts Boutique

In our boutique you will find a variety of quality materials and tools
for sculpting, painting and drawing at affordable prices

Selected Art Kits

Basic drawing kit

  • 5 drawing pencils: HB , B2, B4, B6, B8
  • 4 pitt pencils: white, brown, sepia, sanguine
  • Charcoal pencil M
  • Synthetic and natural charcoal set
  • White chalk
  • Soft pastel set 12 pcs
  • Sharpener with a house
  • PVC free eraser
  • Kneadable eraser
  • Charcoal blending stumps
  • Pencil box
  • Fixative 150ml spray Winsor&Newton
  • Clipboard with clip
  • Painting easel
  • 15 paper sheets A4
  • 5 dark paper sheets A4
  • Folder to save works
  • Sketchbook A4 Winsor&Newton
  • A5 white spiral sketchbook
  • Composition frame and division square

Oil colors painting kit

  • 12 oil colors * 10 ml Reeves
  • Titanium white oil paint 40 ml
  • Turpentine 100 ml
  • Linseed oil 100 ml
  • 2 drawing knives in different profiles
  • 4 flat wooden brushes #2, #4, #7, #12
  • Liner brush #0
  • Pointer brush #0
  • Rubber brush
  • Round plastic palette
  • Cleaning cloth for brushes
  • קנווס 20*20
  • Canvas 24*18 cm
  • Canvas 30*24 cm X 2
  • Canvas 30*30 cm
  • Painting easel
  • Pitt pencil for sketch drawing on canvas
  • Sharpener with a house
  • Composition frame and division square

Basic sculpture kit

  • Ceramic clay 3 kg with 0.5 chamotte in natural shade
  • Placement board for work
  • Rotating plate
  • An iron thread for cutting clay
  • Wooden tools and rubber brush for details design
  • Metal tool for precision in small details
  • 2 wooden and aluminum accessories for smoothing the sculpture surface
  • Sponge to smooth and create textures
  • Wooden skewers for support
  • 2 emptying tools in different profiles
  • ספריי מים 150 מ"ל
  • Cloth cover
  • Nylon cover
  • Plastic glue for preserving the sculpture 50 ml
  • Brush for glue

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