Sculpture Book "The Head"

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Human Head Sculpture Books Step By Step By Alexander Cherkov. Recommended for teachers and students, beginners and advanced.


The "Head" Sculpture Book Step by Step in Two Parts by Alexander Cherkov. The book presents the author's original method of sculpting a man's head in a simple and clear way, step by step. The sculptural method of the book is very clear and does not go into an in-depth and detailed study of the anatomical structure of the human head. The book is written in easy language and is accompanied by pictures so that even those with little experience in sculpture can easily sculpt a human head. And those who have previously experienced head sculpting will find a variety of tips and methods to sculpt the head with greater precision.

Great for beginners who want to learn on their own and can also be used as a convenient tool for teachers and art instructors.

 the first part - "the head" - Sculpture of a man's head Demonstrates Step by step ceramic clay sculpture. With the help of the book you will Sculpt a human head from beginning to end. There is a breakdown of how to sculpt all parts of the face and head: eyes, nose, mouth, ears and hair. GodA created head fits כBasis for any portrait you choose to sculpt Of women, men and children alike. 

There are unique characteristics to a woman's head and a man's head, to a young person's head and to an older person's head. The second part - "The head" - transformations in sculptureConcentrates onCharacterization of subtleties and characteristics by age and sex And facilitator How to apply them in sculpture. This, through a demonstration of a transformation in the structure of the head and parts of the face.  In addition, this section includes an explanation of the sculpture of a child's head and discusses the differences between the structure of an adult human head and that of a child.

"I saw and read carefully the instruction booklet" The Head - Sculpture of the Human Head Step by Step "by the sculptor Alexander Cherkov self-published. To the best of my knowledge, the booklet, which is the first in the series, is written and illustrated clearly and eye-opening. Also useful as a tool for teachers and art instructors.The booklet not only illustrates how to shape a human head but also gives its user a very thorough foundation in XNUMXD vision and an initial and basic approach to material and form.Such a booklet can only create a professional with a serious academic background. This booklet is for teachers and students, for beginners and advanced. "
Yair Garbuz
Former chairman of the Kalmaria Beit Berl Art School, Beit Berl

The book "The Head" Sculpture is accompanied by videos that illustrate the sculpture process in the book:

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