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The Batzfar is a home for the study of the three fields of art: sculpture, painting and drawing. The study database in front of you is based on the book Introduction to the World of Art by the artist Alexander Cherkov: "Sculpture, painting, drawing and more" In the first edition, with additional extensions. In addition, the art blog deals with the place of art in our lives and its impact on humanity, the encounter between the material world and the spiritual world, as it is reflected in its history and the writings of the many thinkers who have dealt with its essence in history. The art blog includes various aspects of art in a personal tone and in a historical and theoretical tone; The history of art, the psychology and philosophy of art and the impact of art on our personal lives in particular and life in general.

Each field is devoted to a whole section, which presents the field of art, a guide on how to get started and what is important to learn as a basis, combines practical and useful tips and tricks, explanations and practical exercises to apply. The content is rich in photos and videos, and is delivered in a simple, consistent and pleasant way. The information is based on the original methods of the artist Alexander Cherkov, which he developed over many years of teaching, thanks to hundreds of his students who encouraged him to find creative methods and ways to engage with technical and philosophical questions in art.

We aspire to continue to expand the database, with reference to your opinions, comments and thoughts that will arise in you during the reading. Share your impression with us by leaving a comment at the bottom of each page.

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