Welcome to Cherkov's Art Studio

Our goal is to be a home for art and artists. Where art is created, engaged, studied, enjoyed and breathed. Our community numbers children and adults, men and women, each of whom art is a part of his lifestyle.

The art studio was established in 2004 by Alexander Cherkov And run by his daughters. By focusing on painting, drawing and sculpture, we maintain and develop our art workshop and this site. We hope to become a rich and diverse source of content of learning, enjoyment and inspiration regarding various aspects of art and its usefulness to life.

Our activities Expressed as part of the art workshop in Givatayim where workshops, courses, sessions and art classes for children and adults are delivered; And as part of this site where you will find a knowledge base for sculpture, painting and drawing studies, which includes a variety of explanations and exercises as well as enrichment in the fields of philosophy, psychology and art history. Beyond that, we offer services for artists, custom-made works of art and a selection of equipment, materials and gift sets for sculpture, painting, drawing and creation for purchase online. Every purchase on the site supports the development of this art center.

Feel free to visit the site's gallery or drop by for a cup of coffee in the workshop during business hours to get to know and be impressed.

We are also active in social media - join us on Facebook, Instagram and the YouTube channel.

Workshop staff

Alexander Cherkov Head of the workshop
Lisa Cherkov Director
Gabriel Eviatar (8 years old) Consultant in the field of children
Sophie Cherkov Teacher and therapist through art
May Cherkov Art curator

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Art Workshops 2021/22 - We have started!

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