Welcome to the Cherkov Art Studio

Our goal is to become a home for artists and art. Where we create, study, enjoy and breathe art. Our community consists of children and adults, men and women, and everyone for whom art is part of a lifestyle.

Art Studio was founded in 2004 by Alexander Cherkov And run by his daughters. By focusing on painting, drawing and sculpting, we are strengthening and developing our art workshop and this site. We hope to become a rich and diverse content source of learning, fun and inspiration about various aspects of art and its usefulness to life.

Our activity is expressed at our art studio in Israel, where we offer workshops, courses, sessions and art classes for children and adults; And within this site where you will find a knowledge base for sculpture, painting and drawing studies, which includes a variety of explanations and exercises as well as enrichment in the fields of philosophy, psychology and art history. In addition, we offer services to artists, custom-made artworks and a selection of equipment, materials and gift sets for sculpting, painting, drawing available to purchase online.

You are invited to visit the gallery of the site or jump to the studio during opening hours to get acquainted and impressed with our activity.

We are also active on social media - join us on Facebook, Instagram and the YouTube channel as well.

Studio Staff

Alexander Cherkov Head of studio
Lisa Cherkov Administrator
Sophy Cherkov Teacher and therapist through art
May Cherkov Art curator
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