Introduction to the world of art "Sculpture, painting, drawing and more"

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Recommended for novice artists, veterans and art teachers
The book comes in 3 parts in a convenient format for reading and working, accompanied by illustrations and instructional videos
Author: Alexander Cherkov


"Sculpture, Painting, Drawing and Not Only" - An Introduction to the World of Plastic Art by Alexander Cherkov In a printed edition in 3 parts. Convenient format for reading and working, laminated soft staple binding. The book talks about the importance of the practice of art, discusses the way of perceiving reality and the possibilities of developing perception through the practice of visual art. The book provides the theoretical and practical basis in drawing, painting and sculpture and includes exercises for the application of the material studied. The content Delivered in a simple, consistent and pleasant way, Rich in colorful photos and charts and accompanied by 24 demo videos. 

An introductory book to the world of art is highly recommended for beginning artists, veterans and art teachers

The information in the book is based on the original methods of the artist Alexander Cherkov. He developed them over many years of teaching, thanks to hundreds of his students. These encouraged him to find creative methods and ways to deal with technical and philosophical questions in art. The methods were formulated and incorporated and thus was born an introductory book to the world of art to help artists and art teachers.

An Introduction to the World of Art - Table of Contents:

  • introduction
  • The place of perception in the pyramid of creativity
  • Characteristics of the right and left lobes of the brain in the process of creation
  • The relationship between the whole and its part
  • Registration
  • Materials for drawing
  • Registration tips
  • composition
  • light and shadow
  • perspective
  • Drawing
  • Sculpture
  • Introduction to Figurative Art
  • Proportions of the human body
  • Tips for working with a model
  • Figurative sculpture - exercises
    • Hand sculpture
    • Foot sculpting
    • Female torso sculpture
    • Male torso sculpture
    • Sculpture of a woman's body
    • Body sculpting of a man
    • Sculpture of a child's body
  • A human head in visual art
    • Human head proportions - rules
    • Characteristics of the perception of composition in the human head
  • Explanation of sculptural materials
  • Clay sculpting methods
  • Initial sculpture exercises:
    • Nose sculpture
    • Sculpture here
    • Eye sculpture
    • Ear sculpting
  • Emptying and preparing a clay sculpture for burning
  • Duplicate a sculpture and make a plaster mold for a clay sculpture
  • Clay casting
  • Painting a ceramic sculpture after a fire

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Laminated soft staple cover


Hebrew, English, Russian


Cherkov, Israel

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