News and Updates Fall 2021

The following are news and updates for Fall 2021 - Registration for the workshops in the year XNUMX, introductory books in a new edition and gifts for Rosh Hashana and the Tishrei holidays:

(I.e. Art Workshops Year 2021/22

Starting after Sukkot - 30.9.2021

Registration is open for 2021/22 for adults and children at the Cherkov Studio in Givatayim. We have reserved for you a number of sessions to learn something new or a permanent place for the coming school year. You can surprise your loved ones with gift certificates to encourage creation.

Details and registration Art workshops for adults »
Details and registration Art classes for children »

🍎 Happy and sweet New Year, creative and surprising!

???? An introductory book to the world of art in a new edition

"Sculpture, Painting, Drawing and Not Only" An introductory book to the practical world of art is recommended for every artist. The book comes in 3 parts and is available in 3 languages, accompanied by illustrations and videos. Great for beginners and useful for advanced. We thank all the readers who helped us find errors and mistakes in the second edition and prepare a third edition with corrections and editing. 

The books can be ordered now and received as soon as they arrive from the printing house.

🍯 We wish you a happy and sweet New Year, full of fruitful work and pure enjoyment!

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Happy and artistic Hanukkah

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Original gifts for children and grandchildren in honor of Hanukkah, art kits, materials and creative equipment in a special sale by entering a benefit code: SALE10 (Valid until 6.12.21) + Surprise as a gift In every purchase in honor of Hanukkah 

Please note - the studio went on holiday from 19.11-2.12 and the online store will operate as usual