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A wide range of equipment, tools and art materials are recommended for children for a fun creative experience for children. The products have been carefully selected by us based on experience, experience and screening. High quality and selected products, such as gouache paints, fluorescent neon paints, watercolors, brushes, canvases, canes, blocks, natural clay, air-drying dry clay, plasticine, gypsum, crystalline enamel, jewelry, textiles, mandalas, wood and paper products for painting, pencils Colorful, soft pastel, oil pastel, wax chalks, markers, games, DIY craft accessories and more and more. In addition, art kits are recommended for children in the various fields of art - painting, sculpture, drawing and creation. Assessments include various art materials and related equipment. Kits for different ages, preschoolers, elementary ages and high school teens. You will find an explanation of the products and a variety of creative ideas along with step-by-step instructions in sculpture and painting.

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