Figurative art

Figurative art was and still is an essential part of human culture. Despite the restrictions and prohibitions imposed by the various religions throughout history, artists from all periods and from all over the world have created and are creating artistic images for human beings. But of course it is difficult to imagine art that represents the image of the person without containing the image of his body. The variety of styles and techniques used in visual art immensely expands the possibilities of expression of the human body.

Figurative art refers to works of art that express in one way or another, the shape of the human head, the human body or certain parts such as the torso. Such art can be realistic with a distinct anatomical expression or abstract with a prominent allusion.

At the core of all figurative arts is a system Proportions For the division of the human body, one that maximizes artistic expression and conveys the ideal of beauty and aesthetics. When you approach engaging in figurative art, whether it is drawing, painting or sculpture - it is advisable that you know the rules of proportions that will help you achieve a convincing expression of the character's age and gender characteristics, as well as the pose you choose to focus on.

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