Painting a statue

Painting a sculpture by Alexander Cherkov, from the book Introduction to the World of Art "Sculpture, painting, drawing and more"

A ceramic sculpture is often covered with different glazes, with a matte or glossy texture, in a solid or colored color, with or without different effects. This method requires further burning of the sculpture and allows for a beautiful and very durable layer of the sculpture. But in my opinion, glaze causes the loss of natural character. While adding beauty, it reduces the natural expression. I suggest a fairly simple method of painting a sculpture to give the clay sculpture a look of a different material, nobler than clay and plaster - for example wood or bronze.

We will move on to the example of painting a statue Natural ceramic clay In an effect reminiscent of "mahogany".

Step 1. In a 1: 1 ratio mix Gouache paint Red and plastic glue and just painted the sculpture evenly. Dry well (1-2 hours). If necessary, repeat the painting.

Step 2. Mix the same amount of Oil paint Black, linseed oil for painting and turpentine and evenly painted the sculpture on top of the red paint layer.

Immediately after painting, wipe off the excess black paint with a dry cloth and brush from prominent surfaces of the sculpture. Achieve graded transitions from black in deep places to dark red on prominent surfaces. Dry well (2-3 days).

Sculpture painting kits in operation

Step 3. Using the "dry brush" method (without the use of thinners) add a lighter and warmer color to the exposed surfaces (in this case, a dark orange color). If it comes out too light, remove excess paint with a dry cloth. Dry well (one week).

Step 4. After complete drying, apply a uniform layer of ointment containing paraffin or Dedicated wax for sculptures. After thorough drying (2-3 hours), you must rub the protruding surfaces with a soft cloth, preferably a woolen cloth.

More coloring examples:

Watch a video demonstrating the painting of a sculpture in a mirror with a mahogany effect 3:13

Painting a statue

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Preparation of a statue for burning

Preparation of a statue for burning

The best way to preserve a sculpture made of natural clay is by burning it in a special ceramic oven. To do this, the statue must be prepared for burning. Here are the instructions for making a sculpture for burning with a video.

Repair of a clay statue

Repair of a clay statue

A clay statue in the process of burning may explode, crack and break for various reasons. Here are the instructions for repairing a broken clay sculpture, using a Cherkov sculpture repair kit.

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  1. I made a sculpture out of plasticine. The base is also made of plasticine with a thickness of 17 mm. The base dimensions on which the sculpture is 47X35 cm, the height of the base and the sculpture 6 cm, I made a wooden frame around the sculpture 8 cm high. And at a space of 1 cm around, I poured on the sculpture alabaster plaster to create a mold. The pattern, it soon became clear to me, to my great regret, that the pattern could not be separated from the sculpture. Since this procedure I did twice caused me great sorrow. I would be very grateful if you could advise me where I was wrong and how to solve the problem. Tree I was able to extract the statue without much damage.
    Regards: Uriah Madar

  2. The "Gypsum in Gypsum" option is selected by the group, which is a large number of gypsum works. It is not possible to specify the required size of any obstacle in your car. For example, please note "concrete in gypsum".
    I'm sorry to be late with the reply.
    А. Cherkov

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