Sculpture method

There are many methods for creating sculptures: sculpting, carving, forging, welding, etc. Here I want to say a few words about the most common method of sculpture - modeling. And more precisely - clay modeling.

At the beginning of the work (at the stage of constructing the composition), the moisture content of the clay should be sufficient so that the compound (adhesion) of the clay pieces would be strong without additional moisture. But at the same time, the clay should not be too wet and should not stick to hands. When adding pieces of clay, it is necessary to carefully ensure that air cavities would not form inside the clay mass, which could later cause damage by explosion of a ready-made sculpture during firing.

In the process of modeling, depending on the temperature and the level of humidity of the surrounding air, the sculpture should be moistened so that the clay does not lose its plasticity, that is, it would not crack when an effort is made to compress or bend.

At the end of work on the construction of the composition and before proceeding to work on grinding and fine-tuning, the sculpture should be left for several days to dry, having previously tightly covering it with a nylon bag.

When the clay dries out sufficiently (this is determined by the lack of plasticity), you can proceed to the final fine-tuning, that is, to work out the details, flatten the edges, polish, or give the desired texture.

With the acquisition of experience in working with clay, you will feel how much this is obedient, sensitive and appreciative material in his loving hands.

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