Embroidery thread

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Embroidery threads for sewing, crafting and crafting. Choose from a small or large size in basic colors


Embroidery thread for sewing, embroidery works, jewelry, thread bracelets, craft and craft works. Choose from a large or small coil in basic colors: black, white, blue and red.

Craft ideas with embroidery thread

Yarns of all kinds, apart from the classic use of sewing and fashion, are a wonderful raw material for creation and diverse craft works. The use of threads is prominent in various bloggers and designers who create interesting and varied items. Yarns add coziness and warmth, radiating ease and an atmosphere of taste and design. The web is flooded with cool and easy DIY ideas and guides that you too can easily implement and enjoy designed and stunning items that you made with your own hands. We have collected some creative ideas for you:

Handmade bracelets - Embroidery threads are perfect for making necklaces and bracelets in different styles near and on the occasion. From simple braided bracelets, wrapping bracelets to thick thread bracelets with various shapes. Need nothing but the wires themselves. You can find a variety of examples and tutorials all over the internet or invent your own methods.

Embroidery works - Embroidery is a craft in which a real decoration or painting is created on canvas, by passing threads with the help of a needle. You can use a wooden hoop that stretches the fabric and makes the craft easier. You can make a sketch on the canvas and then move on to working with a needle. You can add decorations or captions and names to napkins, clothes, tablecloths, etc. or create embroidery paintings for hanging on the wall and decorating the house. Tissue craft is a very therapeutic, relaxing and satisfying occupation. It is also recommended for older children who can get by with a needle.

Designed greeting cards - The embroidery technique can be applied on thick paper and create a greeting card with drawings, captions and ornaments. The back should be covered with another page and then you get an aesthetic and invested greeting card that warms the heart ♥

Embroidery bracelets
Embroidery works

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