A set of colored sewing threads


A set of colored sewing threads is recommended for children


A set of colorful sewing threads useful for sewing, creating and crafting. Different sets to choose from, each set with 8 shades. Great for beginners in sewing and recommended for children. The colors of the threads included in each set:

Set 1: White, black, blue, light blue, green, khaki, yellow, red
Set 2: 
Light blue, gray, light pink, pink, red, peach, light brown, dark brown
Set 3: 
Red, pink, white, yellow, brown, khaki, blue, navy blue
Set 4: 
Red, pink, light pink, white, light yellow, yellow, light brown, dark brown
Set 5: Light Gray, Gray, Dark Blue, Blue, Light Blue, Khaki, Yellow, Brown
Set 6: Khaki, dark brown, light brown, gray, blue, red, pink, white
Set 7: 
Gray, blue, light blue, pink, red, reddish brown, brown, khaki

A set of colored sewing threads is recommended for boys and girls

If you would like your child to develop a hobby that will have a positive effect on his development and growth, you should teach them to sew. Sewing can encourage them to develop creativity and discover independence and maturity in an interesting and fun way. It is an important and useful skill that will prove useful again and again, until their adult life and beyond. Although the appropriate age to learn sewing varies from child to child, age 6-9 is often a great time. A small and colorful set of sewing threads with a needle and scissors enough to arouse their curiosity and experience for the first time in the world of sewing. You can start with small tasks like sewing a button or making a doll out of fabric yourself. When they master the needle well, you should give them beautiful pieces of cloth or unused clothes and encourage them to sew a simple purse or bag and even clothes for dolls. Another idea could be to make embroidered greeting cards. Embroidery is a craft in which a real decoration or painting is created on canvas or another flexible and thin material, by passing threads with a needle. The embroidery technique can be applied on thick paper and create a greeting card with drawings, captions and ornaments. The back should be covered with another page and then you get an aesthetic and invested greeting card that warms the heart ♥

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