Thick cotton thread for creation


Thick cotton thread for sewing, crafting and crafting. 40 grams 2 mm 40 meters

Thick cotton yarn for creation, macrame and kraft. 40 gram coil, 2 mm thick, 40 meters long. Great for creating mobiles, dream catchers, flower pots, useful in jewelry and home decor.

Craft ideas with thick cotton yarn

Yarns of all kinds, apart from the classic use of sewing and fashion, are a wonderful raw material for creation and diverse craft works. The use of threads is prominent in various bloggers and designers and miraculously upgrades the look of the house. Wires add coziness and warmth to the home, radiating comfort and an atmosphere of taste and design. The web is flooded with cool and easy DIY ideas and guides that you too can easily apply and enjoy designed and stunning items that you made with your own hands. We have collected some creative ideas for you:

Creating a dream catcher - According to Native American belief, the dream catcher filters the night dreams and captures the bad dreams. Beyond the thick cotton thread you will needHoop Or hoops on which you will twist and weave the threads, Beads וFeathers For decoration. The dream catcher is usually hung on the wall in the bedroom next to the bed.

Jewelry - Wires can be combined to create stylish jewelry, by winding and combining beads. Jewelry in which strands stand out radiates warmth and calm.

Create a mobile - For hanging on the ceiling for home decoration or over a cot. Also for you will need a hoop, which can be wound in a thread and add hanging elements while maintaining balance and equilibrium. A simple way to make mobile decorations is to cut a desired shape out of thick cardboard and wrap as well with thread.

Decorative flower pot rack - From simple tying of thick cotton thread to intricate but beautiful designs. You will find countless guides online.

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