Painting pedestals

As part of the equipment needed for painting or drawing you will need a yes easel. Painting pedestals have been used by mankind since ancient Egypt and to this day. The market offers a variety of easels In different sizes (for painting standing or sitting in front of a table) and different materials (usually wood or metal). The easels are useful for the process of painting, drawing and even sculpting (when sculpting Embossed) And also for the display of works. There is a noticeable effect on both the work process and the result when using a canvas and not working on the desk as in writing. You should know different types of pedestals in order to choose the right pedestal for you.

Explanation of easels

The easels are divided into table sinks for sitting in small formats and standing pedestals for painting in small or large formats. For work on top Paper, It is necessary to attach the paper to a plywood or hard board with clips and place it on a drawing stand.

Using a painting stand is highly recommended for drawing and drawing, as the substrate of the drawing or drawing will be vertical, in front of the eyes at a comfortable angle for work, thus preventing distortions of vision In perspective And the proportions of the object selected for drawing, which may be caused when the page or canvas is laid on the table as in writing. 

The position of the canvas or top in relation to the eyes and hands affects Proper holding Of the brush or pencil and the possibilities of execution and so also of the quality and accuracy of the drawing or drawing. When the painting substrate is placed on a pedestal, wider and freer movement of the hands and arms is allowed. When the painting hand moves freely, activating the arm and shoulders, the level of expressiveness increases. A notable advantage of using an easel when drawing or drawing from observation In still life, In the model Or in the landscape is the fact that one does not have to raise one's head every time to observe. The eyes work in direct proportion to the hands and when making an estimate of size and proportions, the measurement is more accurate and applied in drawing or drawing immediately without the process of changing the angle made when the drawing substrate is flat and level.

Honest types of painting

Yes desktop drawing - Small pedestals for working while sitting at a table or for displaying works in a small format. Great for painting on a small size canvas or drawing on A5 or A4 pages (depending on the size of the pedestal). You can find a variety of desktop easels Very small For miniature paintings.

Mini yes painting
Mini yes painting
Yes, high-quality desktop painting
Yes desktop drawing

Yes painting stands - Large pedestals for standing work or for displaying works in large formats. They are usually made of wood and have an A or H shape. Most standing pedestals can be adjusted to allow for height adjustment The canvas


Yes drawing stands H
Painting pedestals
Yes drawing stands A

Yes folding drawing There are portable table stands / stands that fold and are easy to carry, so you can take them and paint comfortably anywhere, at home, on trips and in nature. The folding pedestals are usually made of metal.

Painting pedestals
Yes standing drawing folding
Yes folding table drawing
Yes folding table drawing

Yes drawing a suitcase Painting pedestals can also come in the form of a suitcase with a carrying handle, in which the colors or means of drawing and equipment required for work can be stored. These pedestals are also portable and convenient for painting outdoors and traveling.

Yes suitcase desk drawing
Painting pedestals
Yes Folding suitcase drawing

So how do you choose the right easel for you? Ask yourself if you will mainly deal with drawing or painting, in large or small format, if you prefer to sit and paint at a table or have no problem standing while working, how much space do you have at home for putting a painting here, do you want to paint mostly at home or have you been Also want to go out and paint landscapes. From the answers you will understand which yes is most suitable for you.

Painting studies at the Cherkov Studio in Givatayim - you are welcome to join:

Art workshops in a personal track - Painting, sculpture and drawing studies under the guidance of Alexander Cherkov for adults and young people, beginners and advanced. The studies are in a group setting with guidance and personal treatment for each participant.

Art workshops for children - Painting, sculpture and drawing studies under the guidance of Sophie Cherkov for children of primary school age, beginners and advanced. The studies in small groups with guidance and personal treatment for each participant.

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