Exhibition 2014

Gallery of an exhibition of sculpture and painting works by the students of the workshops for the year 2014

Exhibition of the Decade of the Art Workshops of Alexander Cherkov
Location of the exhibitionGivatayim Theater Date of the exhibition: 11.9.14 18.10.14

Decade Exhibition of Cherkov Workshops Curator of the exhibition: Doron Polak

A magical and unique atmosphere accompanies the visitor for the first time in Alexander Cherkov's spacious studio located in a municipal shelter in the center of Givatayim. This center for art studies is currently celebrating its tenth anniversary and presents a handsome achievement of hundreds of students, who were fortunate enough to be introduced to the paths of the art world for the first time.

The pulsating figure of Alexander Cherkov, an artist and teacher, the founder of the art studio, is seen from all sides and from every corner of this classic atelier. A random visit in the morning introduced me to a group of students in a figurative sculpture class. Each of them was immersed in his corner, near his private sculpture stand, all engaged in carving a human figure, with Cherkov moving from one to the other, advising, helping, teaching and instilling almost paternal love for each of his students. From conversations I had with the workshop people, I immediately realized that this is not a formal place to study painting and sculpture, but a human place, where participants are given creative values ​​and professional technical means aimed at helping promote their natural and personal talents. Workshop participants attest to exciting personal experiences that changed their lives during their workshops.

The current exhibition at the Givatayim Theater reveals the works of about eighty alumni and students at the center. The exhibition provides a glimpse into the world of the students and the unique connection created between them and their teacher.

On the eve of the opening of the exhibition

Friday 11/9/14 at 11:00 | Givatayim Theater, hint 40 Givatayim

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