Familiarity with sculptural materials

Trying to understand what is the difference between the different sculptural and casting materials? Having trouble deciding which clay to choose? What sculpture tools to buy? Confused about the auxiliary equipment required for sculpture? And what is most recommended for children? It's time to get acquainted with sculptural materials.

First of all, welcome to join the world of sculpture. You have reached a rich and diverse world, which allows a wide range of options using different materials. There are different sculpture materials and each one has its own uniqueness and characteristics, different sculpture qualities and techniques and ancillary equipment necessary for the work that you should know. But do not worry, it is not complicated at all. The world of sculpture is a fun and immersive world, both for children and adults. Feel free to join us and get acquainted with sculpture materials - we have compiled useful information, explanations, tips and advice that can help you dive into the world of sculpture and start sculpting.


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