Familiarity with materials for painting

Trying to figure out what the difference is between the different types of colors for painting? Having trouble deciding which brushes to choose? Which canvas or drawing pad to buy? Confused about the auxiliary equipment required for painting? And what is most recommended for children? It's time to get acquainted with painting materials.

First of all, welcome to join the world of painting. You have arrived at a colorful and diverse world, which includes both black and white, and many shades of emotion, thought and imagination. The painting differs from the drawing in that it focuses on shape and color versus lines and shading in the drawing. There is a whole Torah dedicated to colors and each color has shades that have their own uniqueness and characteristics. Beyond that, there are different types of paints, with different qualities and painting methods and ancillary equipment necessary for the work that you should be familiar with. But do not worry, it is not complicated at all. The world of painting is a fun and immersive world, both for children and adults. Feel free to join us and get acquainted with painting materials - we have gathered useful information, explanations, tips and tricks that can help you dive into the world of painting and start painting.


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