Workshop and services for artists

Workshop for the restoration of works of art and services for artists: molds, castings and duplication of sculptures, fire services, emptying and repairing ceramic sculptures, works of art to order

Burning, emptying, repairing and painting ceramic sculptures

Burning of a statue. Ceramic clay sculptures designed for burning can be brought to our studio and burned on the spot. The sculpture must be emptied with walls 1-2 cm thick, made of sulfur-free clay suitable for burning at a high temperature of 1000 degrees Celsius. The cost of burning is calculated according to the sculpture's dimensions in centimeters according to the formula: width X length X height divided by 125. Mm, length 45 cm, width 20 cm will cost 25 NIS (180X45X20 / 25). For workshop students 125% discount.

Emptying a statue. We empty clay sculptures and prepare for burning. The price is determined according to the size and complexity of the sculpture:

Sculpture height in cmA simple statueA complex sculpture
0-20 cm4050
20-30 cm80100
30-40 cm140170
40-50 cm210250
50-60 cm290340
60-70 cm380440

Sculpture repair. You can order a repair service for broken or damaged clay sculptures. The cost of the repair is determined according to the type of repair required. Contact us for a quote. You can purchase Repair kit For a broken sculpture made of ceramic clay after burning.

Painting a statue. You can order a sculpture painting service for a desired shade, for example green, light bronze, dark, wood, metal, stone and more. You can purchase Kit for independent painting Of a ceramic sculpture after a fire.

Explanation of emptying and preparing a statue for a fire »
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Molds, castings and duplication of sculptures

We create gypsum and rubber molds for ceramic clay sculptures, clay castings and duplicate sculptures for making replicas or series for sculpture. The cost is determined according to the dimensions of the sculpture and its complexity and the number of copies. Contact us for a quote.

Template preparation
Workshop and services for artists

Restoration and restoration of works of art

If you have a statue or image that has been damaged or damaged and you are interested in returning it to its original condition, feel free to contact us for professional service. The cost is determined according to the condition of the work and the restoration process required. In addition, we specialize in preserving artwork and protecting against hazards over the years.

Custom works of art

We carry out various projects in the fields of painting and sculpture as per the requirement. Sculpture and painting of portraits, environmental sculpture, custom-made paintings and more. Feel free to contact us for a consultation and a quote.

Ordering a life-size portrait or relief sculpture »

Custom-made portrait sculpture
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