Private art classes

Classes are held on a weekly basis, in a studio equipped for creation or in the student's home. Each session lasted an hour and a half under the guidance of Mai Cherkov, a painter, curator and graduate of the history of art at Tel Aviv University. Has extensive experience in art instruction.

During the workshop, a spectacular and colorful map of art unfolds, and its sweeping story from its beginnings in the era of the historical cow until it appears to our vibrant and challenging contemporaries in their diversity and richness. Participants get to know the great artists of different periods and their masterpieces, the leading and revolutionary movements and currents that led to the renewal and the constant storm in the art world. We will get to know the variety of artistic styles, color elements, rules of perspective and proportions. We will engage in creative imagination exercises and create while leaving the periods and styles varied. 

I aspired to give maximum expression to the student's imagination, and to grant freedom of expression and creativity while providing practical tools and a supportive and enabling framework. Also, expand and deepen the knowledge about the art and practical techniques for creation.
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