Art workshops for children

Workshops year 21/22 Registration is open

Under the guidance of: Sophie Cherkov | Location: Cherkov Studio - 14 Sde Boker St., Givatayim (public shelter)
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 17: 00-18: 30 | frame: Individual meeting / card / annual 
Participants: To 8 | level: Beginners / Advanced Areas: Sculpture / painting / drawing

An annual art class that combines painting, drawing and sculpture studies in the format of a weekly meeting lasting an hour and a half for children (grades XNUMX-XNUMX). A supportive and enabling framework with a family and pleasant atmosphere. Art workshops for children bSmall groups and personal treatment with personalization for each child.

The purpose of the department Improve the expression, expression, concentration, fine motor skills and creativity of your children while imparting practical skills, tools and techniques, through familiarity and experience with a variety of sculpture and painting materials: Ceramic clay, Clay Dry, plaster, paper mold, Gouache, Oil pastel colors, Soft pastel chalks, coal, Watercolor, Acrylic, oil colors And more.

The emphasis in the circle Placed on the process and not on the result. Art is a bridge between the inner world and the outer world of the child (and of man in general), and the pursuit of art allows and longs for exploration and dialogue between these two worlds. The creative process allows children to express emotion, deal with frustrations as well as develop a sense of creativity, imagination and critique. Through persistence in painting and / or sculpting the child sharpens the connection and connection between the hand and the eye and contributes to the expansion of perception through synchronous activity between the two lobes of the brain. This activity contributes to a sense of balance and self-satisfaction for your child. It is advisable to encourage your children to draw and sculpt independently both at home and beyond class hours, as perseverance and practice are the secret to advancing in art.

Dear Parents, If you find yourself with a plethora of your children's creations, we recommend choosing your favorite creations and saving, and giving the rest of the creations to seniors on a warm visit to a nursing home for example.

Workshops year 21/22 Registration is open
Under the guidance of: Sophie Cherkov
Cherkov Studio - 14 Sde Boker St., Givatayim
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 17: 00-18: 30
frame: Individual meeting / card / annual 
Participants: Up to 8
level: Beginners / advanced
Areas: Sculpture / painting / drawing

Art workshops for children - 2021/22

Mondays 17: 00-18: 30 | Opening at4.10.21 End in20.6.22 The group is full
Tuesdays 17: 00-18: 30 | Opening at5.10.21 End in21.6.22 - 3 places left
Thursdays 17: 00-18: 30 | Opening at30.9.21 End in23.6.22s The group is full

Registration costs

Registration is open for individual meetings / card on days of your choice / Annually for a regular weekly group 36 sessions

Session length: ½1 hours (2 academic hours)
Cost of a single meeting: ₪ 120
Ticket cost 4 sessions:  ₪ 480  ₪ 432 (after discount of 10% | ₪ 108 Per lesson)
Ticket cost 10 sessions:  ₪ 1,200  ₪ 1,020 (after discount of 15% | ₪ 102 Per lesson)
Registration cost per year 36 sessions:  ₪ 4,320  ₪ 3,240 (after discount of 25% | ₪ 90 Per lesson)

Download information sheets:
Meeting schedule 2021/22
Registration details and costs
Regulations 21/22

Equipment and materials: The cost includes equipment, materials and fires
How to register: A place in the workshop will be reserved for the participant upon receipt of full payment in advance subject to the regulations. 
way of payment: Payment will be made in full in cash / check (division into number of payments will be made by check only)
Absence / Completion Policy: In the event of absence from a meeting, the right to complete in another group will be given subject to the regulations.
Cancellation Policy: As specified in the regulations.

If you are looking for an original and creative gift to surprise and delight the children, siblings, grandchildren or nephews, give them a special experience, participate in a professional art workshop in a pleasant and family atmosphere. Beyond the artistic experience he or she came out of the encounter with a work of art made by them, a painting or a sculpture of their choice. Art workshops for children are held throughout the year and also in the summer, in small groups with personal attention and individual guidance for each participant. In the workshops, they experience different materials, learn the basics of sculpture, painting and drawing and enjoy a fertile artistic atmosphere. You can add a painting, sculpture or drawing kit to the gift that will be given on the day of the meeting. The workshops are suitable for all levels, beginners, advanced and also for those who have no previous background.

Looking for a framework for art studies for adults?

Art workshops in a personal track - Painting, sculpture and drawing studies under the guidance of Alexander Cherkov for adults and young people, beginners and advanced. The studies are in a group setting with guidance and personal treatment for each participant.

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