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Workshops year 21/22 Registration is open

Under the guidance of: Alexander Cherkov | Location: Cherkov Studio - 14 Sde Boker St., Givatayim (public shelter)
Groups: Sun 19: 00-22: 00, Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays 9: 30-12: 30 | frame: Individual meeting / card / annual 
Participants: To 8 | level: Beginners / Advanced Areas: Sculpture / painting / drawing

Workshops year 21/22 Registration is open
Under the guidance of: Alexander Cherkov
Cherkov Studio - 14 Sde Boker St., Givatayim
Sun 19: 00-22: 00, Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays 9: 30-12: 30
frame: Individual meeting / card / annual 
Participants: Up to 8
level: Beginners / advanced
Areas: Sculpture / painting / drawing

Group art workshops (up to 8 participants) at the studio in Givatayim that combine painting, drawing and sculpture studies with guidance and personal treatment for each participant. The study is adapted to the personal pace and study topics of the participant's choice. The workshops are suitable for young and old, beginners without any previous experience, experienced artists and art teachers. 

Registration in the format of a weekly meeting / card.
Can also be purchased Gift card To participate in the workshop.

A look at an art workshop led by Alexander Cherkov

Each participant progresses on their own personal path according to the goals they have set for themselves. The study is adapted To his experience and pace of work and overall Basics, principles and techniques of sculpture, painting and drawing based on original teaching methods of Alexander Cherkov. Cherkov moves between participants and provides personal guidance and direction, critique and editing of the work. The pace of progress is individual as well as the study topics. You can focus on one area or combine several areas.

The workshops are suitable for both beginners in the art world and for experienced artists with a previous background, as well as for those who teach art themselves. Beginners will acquire a useful, theoretical and practical knowledge base, from which they will be able to develop in drawing, painting and sculpture and shape their personal expression. Progress is at a personal pace. Experienced artists will become familiar with new and original methods of improving work techniques and achieving more compelling artistic expression. Art teachers will get to know through the artist's original teaching and acquire a broad knowledge that they can pass on to their students.

Combining the three fields of art in one workshop, allows for diversity for the workshop students, experience in different materials and the development of a broader and richer artistic vision. You can select one domain or combine several domains. Principles and foundations are learned according to the project the participant chooses to do and what is relevant to the chosen project. 

Registration studies include: Registration for Beginners Composition Light and shadow in drawing and creating the illusion of volume Perspective in Drawing and Creating the Illusion of Depth | Still Life Figurative drawing Portrait Drawing Pencil Drawing Charcoal Drawing Pastel drawing

Painting studies include: Drawing for Beginners | A.Color Point Mixing colors and creating shades Landscape Painting Portrait Painting Still Life Painting Abstract Painting | Oil Painting | Acrylic Painting | Watercolor Painting Light and shadow in color painting Perspective in color painting

Comprehensive sculpture studies (Mainly ceramic clay sculpture): Beginner sculpture | Head Sculpture And Portraits Figurative Sculpture Torso Sculpture Sculpture of face and body parts Emptying and preparing a sculpture for burning Making a sculpture for casting Complex sculpture with constructions Animal Sculpture | Abstract Sculpture | Relief Sculpture

If you are undecided and want to consult - feel free to come during the activity hours of the workshops, be impressed and talk to Cherkov.

Art Workshops Year 2021/22

Sunday evening 19: 00-22: 00 | Opening on 3.10.21 Closing on 19.6.22 - The group is full *
Monday morning 9: 30-12: 30 | Opening at4.10.21 End in20.6.22  - The group is full *
Tuesdays 9: 30-12: 30 | Opening at5.10.21 End in21.6.22 - The group is full *
Thursdays Morning 9: 30-12: 30 | Opening at30.9.21 End in23.6.22 - 3 places left

* There is no room left for annual registration, it is possible to join based on availability via a card

Registration costs

Registration is open for individual meetings / card on days of your choice / Annually for a regular weekly group 36 sessions

Length of each session: 3 hours
Cost of a single meeting: ₪ 280
Ticket cost 4 sessions:  ₪ 1,120 ₪ 1,008 (After 10% discount | ₪ 252 Per lesson)
Ticket cost 10 sessions:
 ₪ 2,800 ₪ 2,380 (After 15% discount | ₪ 238 Per lesson)
Registration cost per year 36 sessions:  ₪ 10,080 ₪ 7,056 (After 30% discount | ₪ 196 Per lesson)

Download information sheets:
Meeting schedule 2021/22
Registration details and costs
Regulations 21/22
Information for the registrant

If you are looking for an original and creative gift to surprise and delight parents, siblings, grandparents, uncles, aunts, friends and girlfriends give them a special experience, participate in a professional art workshop in a pleasant and family atmosphere. Beyond the artistic experience he or she came out of the encounter with a work of art made by them, a painting or a sculpture. Art workshops are held throughout the year and also in the summer, in small groups with individual treatment and individual guidance for each participant. In the workshops, they create with different materials, learn the basics of sculpture, painting and drawing and enjoy a fertile artistic atmosphere. You can add a painting, sculpture or drawing kit to the gift that will be given on the day of the meeting. The workshops are suitable for all levels, beginners, advanced and also for those who have no previous background.

In each group up to 8 participants. The opening of the group is conditional on a minimum number of registrants.

The cost does not include equipment, materials and fires. Recommended list of equipment for use in the workshop: Information for the registrant.
Equipment and materials can be purchased on site and a fire can be made for a fee.

A place in the workshop will be reserved for the participant upon receipt of full payment in advance. Arrive at the desired meeting date by phone 037329544 or WhatsApp 0533408223 and arrange the payment.

Payment for the workshop participation will be made in advance in cash / bank transfer / bit / check (division into number of payments will be made by checks only)

In the event of an absence from a meeting, the management must be notified in writing by email or SMS, up to 24 hours before the date of the meeting. Absences will be given the right to be completed in another group by prior arrangement and on the basis of available space.  

Exercise of the right to complete will be done until the end of the annual study period.

In case of cancellation of the registration, the discount will be canceled and the cost of the meetings until the moment of the announcement will be calculated at full cost.

Looking for a framework for art studies for children?

Art workshops for children - Painting, sculpture and drawing studies under the guidance of Sophie Cherkov for children of primary school age, beginners and advanced. The studies in small groups with guidance and personal treatment for each participant.

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Art Workshops 2021/22 - We have started!

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