Art studies

The Cherkov Art Studio is located in the center of the country in a quiet neighborhood of Givatayim and has been operating there since 2004. 

The studio conducts art workshops for adults and children under the guidance of Alexander Cherkov and his daughters. The workshops form a framework for the creation and study of the three fields of visual art: sculpture, painting and drawing. 

Art workshops

Art Studies, 2021/22

Annual registration / tickets / individual meetings - starting after Sukkot starting from 30.9.2021:

More in the studio

  • Art and gift boutique - Equipment and materials for sculpture, painting, drawing and creation for purchase on site or self-collection of an order on site.

  • Professional services for artists - Burning ceramics, emptying sculptures, creating molds, casting and duplicating sculptures.

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Art Workshops 2021/22 - We have started!

Sculpture, painting and drawing workshops for children and adults at the Cherkov Studio in Givatayim - Registration is open »

Art and Creative Boutique Online - Order equipment and materials for art and get bHome delivery »