A clay giraffe sculpture made of dry clay

Giraffe sculpture with the help of Clay Dry And use ofConstruction.

Here is a list of the materials needed for sculpture, step-by-step instructions and work tips. The piece is suitable from the age of 9 independently, under the age of 9 accompanied by an adult.

Dry clay dries in air within 24 hours, depending on the thickness of the layer. When the clay sculpture dries it shrinks slightly and hardens. A clay clay sculpture does not require burning in an oven similar to a ceramic clay sculpture.

Enjoy the piece! ♥

Giraffe sculpture

Equipment and materials needed for giraffe sculpture made of dry clay

1. Work surface

2. Electrical wires

3. Flair

4. Clay Dry

5. Sculpture tools

6. Water spray

Creating a step-by-step construction for an animal sculpture

The guide in front of you is an example of a giraffe construction, but is actually suitable for making a construction for any animal that walks on all fours. You will only need to make an adjustment along the neck and the ratio of body parts.

Depending on the size of the desired sculpture, cut 1 electrical wires of the same length and another shorter wire about 3 cm long.

For about 125 grams of dry clay, cut 3 wires 22 cm long.

2. Wrap the short thread around the three threads in their center and fasten with a pliers. Make sure the three wires are kept the same length.

3. Bend 2 wires from the connection point in the same direction. Keep all wires away so that the construction can stand straight on the desk. The legs of the animal figure can be bent in different ways, for example in a walking position.

4. The third thread will be used for the neck and head on one side and tail on the other. Depending on the animal you have chosen, pull the thread according to the desired neck length and tail length. In this example, to create a construction for a giraffe statue, pull the wire one way up to create a long neck and a short tail on the other side.


5. Bend the end of the wire where the head will be, at the end of the long part from the connection points of the wires.

Giraffe sculpture

6. Now your construction is ready and you can start sculpting with paper mold Or with clay clay.

Working with Clay Dry Tear off pieces and put them until they are as soft as plasticine, then start wrapping the construction with the pieces of clay. It is recommended to start from the body area, from the point of connection of the wires. Then, continue to apply dry clay on the feet from the direction of the body towards the feet. The sculpture does not need to stand while working, it can be laid on the table. Then, continue to add clay on the tail, neck and head. Since a sculpture made of dry clay shrinks when it dries, care must be taken to place the construction inside the sculpture, so that it does not stand out during the drying process. Be sure to cover the construction completely! At the end, shape to the desired shape and add details, for example eyes, nostrils and more.

Sculpting a giraffe, pinched its neck to create its mane. Shape small ears and horns and connect to the head with water. Using a skewer, create the giraffe's eye markings.

Giraffe sculpture

Watch a video demonstrating a clay clay giraffe sculpture 4:30

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