Relief sculpture method

A method of sculpting a relief by Alexander Cherkov, from the book Introduction to the Art World "Sculpture, painting, drawing and more"

A relief is a sculpture that is a 'picture', it is built on a two-dimensional surface and is similar to a drawing according to the rules of construction perspective, But an effect of light and shadow Concept through sculpture In clay. Reliefs are designed for hanging on a wall similar to paintings.

Select an image and convert it to a clay surface 3 cm thick.

Gradually, remove excess clay from flat areas and add clay to the convex places. Achieve a convincing height ratio for all parts The composition. Examine which area is deeper.

In my case, in relief a portrait of Van Gogh Based on the artist's self-portrait painting, a descending order of heights of the parts of the composition is:

  • The tip of the nose - the highest point
  • The eyebrows and the mustache
  • The beard and upper cheekbones
  • Eyes
  • Ear and collar
  • Background - the deepest point
Vincent Van Gogh

statue Natural clay Requires burning in a special ceramic oven, for which it is necessary In preparing the relief for the fire. Make sure that the relief of the relief is between 1-2 cm.

After making a two-dimensional clay slab of the desired size for the relief, draw with a sharp tool the main contours of the image. You can print the desired image, place it on the clay board and with the help of a knife go over the contours, while cutting the image and cutting the clay below.

The background in the painting is the deepest area in the relief. Begin clearing clay from the background area with a tool with a loop.

Move to other areas in the relief, move clay from deep areas to convex areas.

Start working on detail design, focusing on a specific area each time.

Accurate the details in the central and most prominent areas in the relief.

Bring the relief to a desired finish - rough / rough / smooth - as you see fit and according to your wishes.

Relief sculpture method

Add a caption or signature on the relief.

Watch the video demonstrating the method of sculpting clay relief

And what's next?

When you have finished working on the relief, it is important to preserve it, if it remains in its natural state - dry ceramic clay - it will be very fragile and not strong enough and durable to hang on the wall. If possible it is advisable to burn it in a ceramic oven, this is required Preparing the statue for burning. Another option is toPrepare a template And then do casting.

Relief sculpture method

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