Characteristics of perception of the lobes of the brain

It is well known that our perception of reality is realized through the interaction of the two hemispheres of the brain, processing the information obtained by the senses. From popular sources, we know that one of the hemispheres is responsible for "logic" (left), and the other for creativity (right). Such a complete separation is not supported by scientific research, the two hemispheres participate both in logical thinking and in creative thinking.

However, this does not negate the fact that each of the hemispheres has advantages in the performance of specific functions. We can say that the left hemisphere specializes in symbolic operations, the right hemisphere - in figurative operations.

In close view (linear perception of the Left hemi.) we see the image of A.Einstein.
From a distance (volume perception of the right hemi.) we see the image of M.Monroe.

The left hemisphere of the brain is mainly characterized as carrying verbal, digital, analytical, temporal, rational and abstract functions. It operates linearly, consistently and logically. Percepts reality through details and division of the whole.

The right hemisphere of the brain to a greater extent has operates functions of intuition, imagination, dream- iness, sexuality, musical and artistic abilities, and irrational ideas (metaphysics, mysticism, religiosity). It acts spatially, in parallel and simultaneously (familiar as a enlightment or insight). Perceives reality through the whole and the union of the parts.

The left figure is controlled by the left lobe of the brain.
The right figure is controlled by the right lobe of the brain.

Problems of modern education

Modern education (the last 300 years), by choosing the left hemisphere to be its “favorite” had a great influence on the unrestrained development of the industrial society. On the one hand, it provided us with “crutches and prostheses in order to work less and eat more” (A. Tarkovsky “Stalker”), and on the other, it drove modern post-industrial society into a bog of depression. Neglecting the development of the right hemisphere and devoting the lion's share of study time in favor of developing the left hemisphere, the modern education system has influenced the formation of a generation dependent on antidepressants, both legal and illegal, destroying the fate and lives of many millions of people.

Looking for problems hemisphere | Looking for solutions hemisphere

The need to correct the imbalance between the hemispheres of the human brain is obvious. Necessary as soon as possible, to rebuild the educational system so that the loads on both hemispheres of the brain would be balanced. It is urgent to increase the amount of study hours in the visual arts, music, dance, poetry, philosophy, mysticism and theology. So that questions about the meaning of life would not perceived as symptoms of mental illness, but would be a sign of good spiritual health.

Art unites
Art inspires dreams
Art inspires
Art develops taste

Descartes - the founder of the philosophy of rationalism as a universal method of cognition, which lies at the base of the epoch of enlightenment - would be surprised, I think, to hear “I think, therefore I exist” from a modern computer. Today, as a confirmation of existence, I would suggest to be less rational: “I am happy, therefore I alive”.

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