Composition Exercise 1

Prepare 2 corners in size of 9 * 12 cm from a black cardboard and 2 clips.

Go to the park or a forest and start creating landscape compositions as you desire. Connect the corners with 2 clips and look at the park through the frame.

Change the shape of the frame, that is, the ratio of its height and width, as well as its orientation (choosing horizontal or vertical for the same objects), zoom in and out the frame from your eyes.

Like in the previous example, changes in the ratio of format, object and background will significantly influence the expressiveness of the composition. 

You will be surprised that the same place can give a wide variety of topics. For example, I chose three topics:

AUTUMN ALLEY  (quiet rhythm and monochrome palette inviting to contemplate)

CITY PARK  (optimistic mood and bright illumination in viting for a morning jog). 

A WOOD (I was attracted by the curvature of a mature tree against the background of younger straight trees. As in people's lives). 

This exercise greatly helps for the development of compositional (right-hemispheric) perception. The subsequent analysis of the selected compositions (it is enough to invent a suitable name) contributes to the consistent development of the both hemispheres.

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