The Art School of Cherkov is a home for the main three art fields: sculpture, painting and drawing. The educational information based on the book of introduction to the art world by artist Alexander Cherkov: "Sculpture, Painting, Drawing and not only" In the first edition.

Each field of art has an entire section, which presents the art field, guide on how to get started and what is important to learn for the basics, also suggests useful tips, explanations and practical exercises for implementation. The ontent is rich in images and videos, and is conveyed in a simple, consistent and pleasant way. The information is based on the original methods of the artist Alexander Cherkov, which he developed over many years of teaching, thanks to the hundreds of students who encouraged him to find creative methods and ways of dealing with technical and philosophical questions in art.

Our ambition is to continue expanding the repository, with reference to your opinion, comments and thoughts that will arise during your reading. Share us with your impressions by leaving a comment at the bottom of each page.

With your help we can enrich and expand the guide and prepare to publish the second edition in print.

The book "Sculpture, Painting, Drawing and not only" -

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