A set of markers for painting on canvas Faber Castell


A set of 5 high-quality markers for painting on canvas by Faber Castell. The tip of the marker allows painting in 3 different thicknesses.

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A set of high-quality canvases for painting on canvas by Faber Castell. The set includes 5 colors: black, red, blue, yellow and green. Excellent markers with an edge that allows painting in 3 thicknesses: 1 mm, 2 mm, 5 mm.

These textile markers are suitable for a variety of fabrics and projects: from cotton fabric bags, T-shirts to bedding fabrics, curtains and tablecloths. The colors are set automatically after 24 hours or after ironing. New fabrics or clothes are recommended to be washed before painting and dyeing to improve ink absorption. After painting, wash at a temperature of up to 40 degrees.

A set of markers for painting on canvas is ideal for young fashion designers

The markers are suitable for painting on a wide variety of fabrics and textiles, Various clothes, shirts, canvas shoes, bedding, canvas bags, a visor cap and more. A great idea for those looking for a special and surprising gift for children or adults.

Use a set of textile markers for personal design of Apron and hat set. A wonderful way to encourage creativity and the pursuit of art. Along the way, a good opportunity to refresh and renew clothes, design according to personal style and express personal style. You can use stencils of shapes (ready-made or self-made) or draw freely.  

In painting with markers, the colors do not mix, but can change hue when you paint a layer of paint over an existing layer. Optical illusions of other colors can be created by drawing in two-and-even lines, creating the effect of a new color from a distance.

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