Gouache painting kit for children


Painting kit in high-quality, non-toxic gouache, including glowing colors and an ultraviolet flashlight

A gouache painting kit for children includes everything you will need for a fun painting experience with Gouache:

  • Set of 19 gouache colors * 30 ml in a storage box
    14 gouache colors: white, black, brown, yellow, orange, red, burgundy, pink, purple, blue, light blue, turquoise, grass green, green
    5 glowing gouache colors: yellow, orange, red, pink, green
  • Permanent black marker
  • Set of 4 Faber Castell brushes
  • Set of 4 sponges with a stick
  • Round sponge
  • Color palette
  • Glass jar for water
  • Brush for cleaning brush
  • Canvas 15 * 10 2X
  • Canvas 15 * 15 2X
  • Canvas 20 * 15 2X
  • Yes drawing
  • Ultraviolet flashlight + batteries
  • White apron and hat for the young artist

A gouache painting kit for children is recommended as an invested and creative gift 

If you are looking for an original gift for children, one that will provide them with a quality experience for leisure time, this gouache kit will fit just right. Gouache colors are great for kids, non-toxic and easily washed off. The kit includes brushes, canvases as well as painting for a fun artistic experience. With the gouache paints, you can paint both on paper and paint clay sculptures, dry clay sculptures, gypsum reliefs and paper pulp sculptures. The gouache color set includes glowing colors in the dark, which create cool effects in ultraviolet lighting. An ultraviolet flashlight is included in the kit and adds to the uniqueness of the kit. It is recommended to use the round plate, fill in the desired colors for painting and mix for the desired shades in the niches. It is also possible to take paint directly from the jars, but it is advisable to thoroughly clean the brushes between paints in order to avoid mixing unnecessary paint. Gouache paints dry relatively quickly, thanks to this feature it is possible to paint in layers. For example start with base colors for the background and after the first layer dries add figures and objects to the painting. After the second layer dries, you should move on to painting small details and accuracy. The sponge can be used to create different textures, for example clouds with white gouache against a blue sky. Once the painting with the gouache paints has dried, you can add different contours and decorations with a permanent black marker. When finishing the work on the painting and after drying it is recommended to spray with varnish spray for a rich color effect.

Gouache painting contributes to the development of emotional regulation in children

Painting in gouache is not just a matter of developing creativity. The use of the substance stimulates the senses and contributes to the child's developmental and mental health. The regulation in the creative process also affects the regulation of impulses and the processing of emotions, allowing a sense of release of trapped inner energy. It allows for flexibility, reduces anxiety and frees from the need to be in control. When working with wet materials, including gouache paints, there are repeated operations, such as dipping the brush in water, taking a paintbrush and wiping with a cloth. This kind of ritual is for the creator an anchor for finding an inner rhythm, as well as a framework that gives self-confidence, organization, order and setting boundaries, and hence for deeper emotional work.

Ultraviolet flashlight for glowing colors in the dark

Painting for children is a fun activity in itself, and when bright colors are used and illuminated with ultraviolet lighting, the activity becomes a real experience with a playful, interesting and intriguing character for the children.

Beyond that we rent an ultraviolet cannon for events and pulmon parties and art kits can be ordered especially for children for full moon parties that include glowing colors, models of plaster, canvases and auxiliary equipment for painting. For details Contact Us.

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Color content

30 ml

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