A set of fabric colors


Set of 6 colors for painting on Faber Castell canvases

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A set of high-quality fabric colors from Faber Castell for painting on canvas and textiles, various clothes, shirts, canvas shoes, bedding, canvas bags, Visor cap, apron and more. In addition, they are suitable for painting and painting canvas, ceramics, wood and more.

The colors included in the set: yellow, blue, red, green, white, black

Instructions for painting on canvas: 

  • Shake the paint bottle before use 
  • Wash the fabric well before painting to remove starch 
  • Dry the fabric and iron it 
  • Use paint directly from the bottle 
  • Dry for 24 hours 
  • Turn the canvas over and iron to fix the painting 
  • Wash the canvas with the painting after 72 hours 
  • Enjoy with fabric in your personal design 🙂

Instructions for painting on canvas or painting a sculpture: You can use canvas paints for regular painting, painting sculptures, decoration and creation. These are durable acrylic paints, intended for painting on canvas but suitable for painting and painting surfaces from various materials. The use is the same as for other acrylic paints. The painting is done directly from a container on paint using a plate. No special thinners are needed other than water. In the transition from paint to paint, it is advisable to wash the brush and wipe with a cloth. At the end of use, the brushes should be rinsed thoroughly as the acrylic paint that dries is absorbed and hardens in an adsorbent material such as brush or fabric fibers, and cannot be removed after it has dried. From other surfaces like plastic or braces, the acrylic paint can be peeled off under hot water.

An ideal fabric color set for young fashion designers

Use a set of fabric colors for personal design of Apron and hat set. A wonderful way to encourage creativity and the pursuit of art. Along the way, a good opportunity to refresh and renew clothes, design according to personal style and express personal style. You can use stencils of shapes (ready-made or self-made) or draw freely with a brush. A great idea for those looking for a special and surprising gift for children or adults.

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Faber Castell, Germany

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