Set of notebook and pencils

73.00 - 83.00

High quality notebook A5
With pencils to choose from: graphite or peat


Graphite notebook and pencil set includes: 5 pencils In different difficulty levels: HB, 2B, 4B, 6B, 8B | Quality sharpener With the sharpening waste collection container for convenient and orderly work Delete charcoal Soft and flexible, can be kneaded and shaped to the desired erasure shape Erase without PVC toClean and soft erasure with no marks or traces.

Pete Pastel notebook and pencil set includes:  5 Pete pencils in natural shades, burnt Sienna, Burnt ocher, Walnut brown, sanguine and white sharpener A quality house for simple and clean refinement Delete charcoal.

All pencils and drawing aids are from the leading German company Faber Castell.

A5 format hardcover spiral notebook, including elastic strap. 150 g thick, acid-free 48-sheet paper, XNUMX sheets. Suitable for drawing and painting in graphite pencils, peat pencils, charcoal, oil pastel paints, soft pastel paints. Excellent as a sketchbook and sketchbook, can be used as a guest book, travel diary or personal diary.

Drawing book and pencil set for sketches, sketching and drawings

Drawing used in the past mainly as a preliminary technique for painting or sculpting and making sketches, but today, with the changes in the art world, drawing has a status similar to the status of painting and the distinction between them has become less clear, so drawings can be found in exhibitions. 

Drawing is a special form of thought, which translates the artist's vision and perception into images on paper. The drawing combines the activity of the two lobes of the brain with the left being responsible for fulfilling the rules of proportion, perspective and light and shadow while the right is responsible for the emotional and creative expression. There are countless exercises for developing drawing in the right and left lobes, which directly affect the development of perception and building a solid and broad base for color painting and sculpture.

It is highly recommended to practice sketching and perform exercises as much as possible. Line and spot drawing exercises, ratings and shading, geometric shapes and composition building, light and shadow exercises, still life drawing, natural and urban landscape drawing and perspective drawing practice, drawing the proportions of the human head and human body in different angles and positions. The drawing exercises greatly improve the connection between the eye and the hand, the spatial vision and the perception of the whole. Improvement and progress in drawing directly affect the progress in painting and sculpture, as drawing is the basis for both areas. The grammar of the language of art can be seen in drawing, and mastery of the rules of grammar means mastery of language, a higher level of expression and expression.

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Weight 1.5 kg
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Page thickness

150 g

Pencils to choose from

Graphite pencils, Pete pencils

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