Art kit for toddlers


An art kit adapted for preschoolers
High-quality painting and sculpture materials for the little ones

An art kit for toddlers includes quality equipment and materials for painting and sculpture adapted for toddlers. A recommended art kit for preschoolers to get acquainted with materials and develop creativity and motor skills. The kit includes:

  • Set of 16 thick omega markers in a roll box - 12 regular markers + 4 glow
  • Drawing pad for children 240 grams 1/9 sheet
  • Bristol neon colored 24 page 160 g A4
  • 18 magic sheets for scratching + 3 scratching sticks
  • Set of 4 thick wax chalks with an ergonomic grip
  • Set of 4 gouache colors, basic shades 250 ml - red, yellow, blue, white
  • Set of 6 70% soaked gouache paints
  • Set of 4 sponges with a stick
  • A flat brush for preschoolers
  • Round brush for preschoolers
  • 4 canvases 20 * 20
  • Sculpture - clay dries in the air for preschool Omega - 4 packs * 220 grams
  • Rolling pin for rolling clay
  • White apron
  • Job placement

An art kit for toddlers is recommended for preschoolers

A rich art kit for toddlers and includes equipment and materials adapted for preschoolers. We chose quality, safe and child-friendly products. It is recommended to allow the little ones to get to know and use the different substances, stimulate the senses and encourage the development of fine motor skills and the ability to concentrate. Spontaneous and free creation should be encouraged. The creative experiences improve self-confidence, enable self-discovery through contact with the material. At these ages art allows children to express themselves without words, to process feelings and emotions through creation. The supervision of an adult at the time of creation is important, but it is recommended to avoid intervention and give creative freedom to the child and provide technical assistance if necessary.

A little about the art materials

Colored markers They are among children's favorite art materials, easy to use and allow for happy and colorful paintings. You can draw with markers on simple printer paper, drawing paper and drawing pads. The markers are excellent for free drawings and coloring books In painting with markers, the colors do not mix, but can change hue when you paint a layer of paint over an existing layer. 

Wax paints Reminiscent of oil pastel but the pigments of the dye are mixed with wax instead of grease. Therefore the wax chalks are less greasy to the touch and less soiling than oil pastel. Thanks to this fact are especially suitable for painting for tiny children who are experiencing colors for the first time. Wax chalks are easy to grip, soft and oily, spread easily. The fingers can be used to blend the layers of paint together. When the paint layer is thick enough, you can use a toothpick and scrape paint while creating drawings by engraving, similar to oil pastel. Wax chalks can be sharpened with a simple sharpener and create a sharp edge for drawing thin lines. The paint crumbs formed as a result of the sharpening can be used for painting using the hands.
Explanation of oil pastel colors and tips »

צGouash problem Great For children, non-toxic, water-based and easily washed. The colors are easy to apply, mix and create new shades. Suitable for painting on canvas, drawing pad, cardboard. In addition, they are suitable for creating and painting clay, myrtle, styrofoam, wood and paper pulp. The gouache colors are best suited for children trying out brush art for the first time. The kit includes 4 gouache colors, white, red, blue and yellow. From the three primary colors, you can achieve any desired shade by mixing the colors, of course using white to lighten the colors. The discovery experience of mixing colors and creating new shades is significant and important for toddlers. A sponge gouache set is also great for this age, allowing for free and flowing painting. You can combine gouache painting on canvas with brushes along with sponge gouache paints.
Explanation of gouache paints, tips and tricks for use »

Sculptural Clay for preschoolers from the high-quality Omega company, ideal for a sculpture and play experience for the little ones. The material is incredibly soft, pleasant to the touch andEasy to work with and shape, knead and flatten. The material is non-polluting, has a smooth texture and is suitable for painting. Before working, knead the material well and then let the children play and sculpt. If the material is slightly dry, moisture can be added by kneading with wet hands in water with a little salt. In connection between the parts use plastic glue. There is no need to dry the work and you can immediately paint it at the end of the sculpture with gouache. The clay dries in air and hardens completely for several days depending on the size of the piece and the temperature conditions in the room. It is recommended to dry in a dark and dry place. The material can be used without difficulty by wrapping and closing in an airtight box at the end of the game. 

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