Preschool work apron


Preschool work apron made of albed

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Preschool work apron, in white, made of albed. Tiny artists are encouraged to encourage creativity and artistic experience and also to keep clothes clean and a tidy work environment. 

Preschool work apron for a daily creative hour

It is important that children feel free and safe without feeling afraid of the dirt and frightened look of a mother when she sees stains on the shirt. In general, it is advisable to wear comfortable clothes and ones that we do not mind getting dirty (because children tend to get dirty a lot), but regardless - a work apron puts the child in a creative atmosphere. When the child wears an apron it puts him in a frame: now is the time to create, the time to draw and sculpt, to experiment, to express and express myself. It is recommended to allow the little ones to get to know and use the different materials, stimulate the senses and encourage the development of fine motor skills and the ability to concentrate. Spontaneous and free creation should be encouraged. The creative experiences improve self-confidence, enable self-discovery through contact with the material. At these ages art allows children to express themselves without words, to process feelings and emotions through creation. The supervision of an adult at the time of creation is important, but it is recommended to avoid interference and give creative freedom to the child and provide technical assistance if necessary. 

Recommended sculpture and painting materials for preschoolers:

Colored markers They are among children's favorite art materials, easy to use and allow happy and colorful paintings. You can draw with markers on simple printer paper, drawing paper and drawing pads. The markers are excellent for free drawings and coloring books.

Wax paints Reminiscent of oil pastel but the pigments of the dye are mixed with wax instead of grease. Therefore the wax chalks are less greasy to the touch and less soiling than oil pastel. Thanks to this fact are especially suitable for painting for tiny children who are experiencing colors for the first time. Wax chalks are easy to grip, soft and oily, easily spread and fun to use.

צGouash problem Great For children, non-toxic, water-based and easily washed. The colors are easy to apply, mix and create new shades. Suitable for painting on canvas, drawing pad, cardboard. In addition, they are suitable for creating and painting clay, myrtle, styrofoam, wood and paper pulp. The gouache colors are best suited for children trying out brush art for the first time. 

Sculptural Clay for preschoolers from the high-quality Omega company, ideal for a sculpture and play experience for the little ones. The material is incredibly soft, pleasant to the touch andEasy to work and shape, knead and flatten. The material is non-polluting, has a smooth texture and is suitable for painting. 

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