Here you will find quality acrylic paints for painting and painting in individual, sets and kits, in addition to brushes, canvases, equipment and useful aids suitable for painting with acrylic. Acrylic paints are easy to use and allow painting in a variety of techniques, great for beginners in the world of painting, children and youth. We offer acrylic paint kits in different levels as a gift for children and adults, artists, painters, beginners and those who do not yet paint and you want to encourage them to start. The products in the kits have been carefully selected by us based on experience, experience and screening. Can be painted with acrylic paints in the traditional method with a brush and diluted with water if necessary, in addition you can use acrylic paints for modern methods of painting liquid acrylic lining, painting mandala dots and more. These paints are great for painting ceramics, wood, plaster, styrofoam and other surfaces.

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