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The project to create portraits of 25 influential artists in various fields of art, was born out of Alexander Cherkov's desire to thank people who contributed to human culture and influenced his personal perception of art in particular and life in general. The "25" influential artists' series was created in 2019, the year Alexander and his family celebrated 25 years of life in the Land of Israel, and it symbolizes the years in which Alexander developed as a creative artist and art teacher for hundreds of students who studied with him and were an integral part of his personal development. .

Custom-made artwork. Painting or sculpting a portrait to commemorate your loved ones. An original gift for people close to you or for yourself. Oil painting on canvas in custom size. A life-size head sculpture or a relief about 37x21 cm in size from natural ceramic clay. You can choose a custom sculpture color for example bronze, green bronze, silver and more. The family.

You can order a custom invitation drawing according to dimensions and media, to upgrade your event. Involve guests in creating a souvenir from your event. A great gift as a souvenir from significant events in life: birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, births, bar mitzvahs, bat mitzvahs, enlistment in the army, discharge from the army and various other reasons for celebration. You can order a painting of your choice with blank elements, in which event guests can draw a personal painting or add a greeting. At the event itself we will set up a painting stand, which includes easels on which the paintings will stand and a table with paints, brushes and everything needed for painting. Event guests will be able to access the stand and add their personal drawing. At the end of the event, a colorful and rich collage painting will be received, as an experiential souvenir from the event. The subject matter options for painting are multiple: dreamy soap bubbles, a cool graffiti wall, geometric shapes, hanging notes, faces, a bouquet of balloons and more.


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