News and Updates Summer 2021

Here are the news and updates Summer 2021 - Registration for workshops, recommendations for creative summer and promotions:


Going back to school and starting the new school year with quality equipment and a creative mood!

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???? Creative recommendations for the summer

Designing items according to personal style
A paper fan or a bouche? Sometimes you should leave the sheet of paper and get out of the canvas frame. You can apply your knowledge in drawing and drawing in designing various items. A few hours of relaxation and creativity with unconventional products for home use and design:

Take the art with you for your next vacation or outing. Because what more could I experience than to combine a painting or drawing with an observation over a spectacular view, a train ride or a break during the trip:

Playing time
Surprise your family or friends with a formative, creative and refreshing home pastime. Make your own board games or cards according to your rules! A sense of satisfaction and enjoyment guaranteed:

DIY jewelry
Another area that invites you to immerse yourself in the work, one that will upgrade the look and demonstrate your personal style. DIY jewelry develops creativity, concentration and motor skills. A variety of options for creating a combination of different materials:

Mandala coloring and design
The mandala is a recommended meditative work for adults and children alike. Whether you choose to paint a ready-made mandala or create one of your own - this relaxing and colorful activity will allow you a particularly satisfying and enjoyable personal quality time:

Free Style Art
Art kits rich in quality materials and equipment for sculpture, painting and drawing for toddlers, children and the whole family. All you have to do is decide what you want to create, choose the materials and get started:

(I.e. Summer Art Workshops 2021 + Year 2021/22

Registration is open for summer workshops (until the end of August) and now registration is open for 2021/22 for adults and children at the Cherkov Studio in Givatayim. We have reserved for you a number of sessions to learn something new in the summer or a regular place for the coming school year. You can surprise your loved ones with gift certificates to encourage creation.

Details and registration Art workshops for adults »
Details and registration Art classes for children »

Why is it so important to engage in art?

"I can tell you about myself. I think many of my readers know the feeling that surrounded me as a child. A sense of special personal purpose. The feeling that you are responsible for the fate of the world. That you came here for some reason. The feeling that you are committed to saving someone. Or something. Such an initial spiritual experience , Vaguely formulated and poorly worded dissolved over time. Under the constant pressure of having to struggle for existence, it was pushed into the deep subconscious and as if it had disappeared completely. And despite the fact that such a system exists, I am constantly violating it under the pressure of doubts and temptations, I still feel the need to return to principles that have been found in the past.

Arts studies, I believe, contribute to the formation of a more sustainable value system because it helps to include in it more than rational motives. At least that's the case for me. But engaging in art not only protects us personally. "When the guns speak, the muses are silent." Such wording of a known phrase indicates that the first part of the sentence is the cause, and the second part is the effect. But is it really so? There is no doubt that there is a correlation between them. But is the causal connection so unequivocal? It seems to me that the phrase "when the muses are silent, the cannons speak" to a greater extent expresses the drama of this thought. It imposes responsibility on the world not only on the gun owners, but also on you and me.

In other words, the sound of muses is capable of protecting humanity from self-destruction. Fyodor Dostoevsky said: "The world will be saved by beauty." In fact, he called for strengthening the voice of the muses. I totally agree with the idea of ​​the great artist. But the question that arises in this case does not leave me: Who will save the beauty? "

Alexander Cherkov, from the book Introduction to the World of Art "Sculpture, painting, drawing and more"


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 Wishing you a sweet, colorful and enjoyable summer!

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