Workshop students

On this page we are proud to present the participants of the painting and sculpture workshops in our workshop. We are very grateful to those who shared photographs of their works and their opinions on the studies in the workshop and studio. We hope that we will soon be able to complete material from all the participants in the Sandas.

"The art course at Alex provides a few hours for yourself and your work. In a very pleasant and comfortable space, with music, with a group of diverse artists of all genders, ages, talents and abilities at different levels that allow for non-judgmental creation, and very free and empowering learning. His uniqueness and professionalism with extensive knowledge of art, painting and sculpture, provide techniques and looking at your personal work from a more precise and correct eye to achieve results far beyond the limit of ability. Learns from Alex not only to paint, but also a lot about life. Expressing yourself through art teaches a lot about your outlook on life and Alex provides it in the simplest and deepest way possible. Highly recommend. I feel this is the right place to be for anyone who loves to create and wants to evolve, and also for those who do not have the time for it in the race of life. Four hours that are completely yours accompanied by empowerment and endless learning !!! "

Orly Schponder

"Because of the professionalism, atmosphere and inexhaustible giving ability of Alexander Cherkov"

Deborah Hatzor

"About three years ago there was a turning point in my life. I decided to try my hand at painting and called the People's University. Since it was the middle of the year, they sent me to try sculpture. That's how I got to know Alex. I started sculpting, and meeting art, and sculpture in particular, changed my life. From there I went on and on in this endeavor and the "blame" is on Alex. I want to thank him for enriching my life. For being the wind that blows in my sails. For the encouragement and support. For strengthening my faith in myself and what I create. But above all, Alex, for a friend, "A teacher, understands and supports. Thanks to him, sculpture has become a way of life, a means of expression and even a means of healing for me. In the short journey I have taken, I have acquired knowledge, appetite and energy to continue experimenting in other fields of art.

Roni Ambor

"I, Yehudit Doron, participate in Alex's sculpture class, bring you some of my heart's feelings after joining the sculpture class and what it did for me. Most of my years I spent studying and working and using common sense, about two years ago I retired and joined the sculpture class led by Alex Cherkov. In the class he is in groups and yet he has an individual character. Each student receives personal treatment from Alex. The study is systematic according to topics, for example: first learn to deal with the material; move to building bodies in the inanimate field, animals, building heads, face and parts, body building Complete, sculpting themes from the Bible, from the realm of the Jewish town, and finally we came to abstract themes and everything is imaginative. I must emphasize that, in addition to pleasant hours spent in the company, the sculpture class gave me a lot of satisfaction and joy of creation, as well as self-expression and enjoyment of the creative ability that lies within us. There is another benefit to using clay - this material strengthens the bones, and it is a good massage for the hands - and the sculpture itself is a good massage for the soul. "

Judith Doron

"Alex Cherkov. The most professional, patient, humane and charming teacher. Continue to succeed and grow a generation of sculptors"

Vicky Noy

"I would like to write about our sculpture teacher Mr. Alexander Cherkov and it is difficult for me to decide where to start. Is it about his great talent, his endearing personality, his success as a teacher or his success in sweeping us love of sculpture. We came to class without any knowledge but with great curiosity and Alex knew how to teach We are almost out of nowhere, we were really like material in the hands of the creator and slowly we walked with his help and patience one step further and another, we were like a child using an adult hand and then we walked almost alone and all thanks to the talent, patience, encouragement and love we received from him. I think the most important thing in these lessons is the joy of creation, the love of sculpture that intensifies every lesson. We "live" according to our own schedule, longing for the Sunday that the lesson takes place, trying to postpone events that take place on Sundays and all so that we do not miss a single lesson because we are happy when we create and forget all the troubles in the world and all thanks to teacher Alex. We were lucky to have such a teacher. His modesty, great talent, willingness to give and help taught us to be independent and to drift together in the happiness of creation. "

Esther Saranga

"A teacher who is an artist in his own right. With mastery of the art taps and a talent for conveying his art to every student who participates in the workshop, I went through an uplifting and creative experience and this is my first year. Looking forward to next year."

Mira Janko

"It is said that every person has a substitute. If we want to find a replacement for Alex, the first thing we need to do is look for an artist. We can tour galleries and workshops, and we will surely find a worthy artist there. But this is not enough, we will also have to find a teacher, one who has multiple knowledge and proper manners and has the patience and ability to convey the material in the best way. And when it's found, it's not enough. Now we will have to ask a psychologist, who knew how to penetrate the depths of our souls, to see the hidden there and to publish them. One who knew how to address each and every one in his special language. Routing fears and revealing anger. To give place to joy and happiness, hidden or visible, and to produce the best. With these three experts, we must now go out and look for the philosopher, who will teach us to give meaning to things, that every mirror has its truth, and in everything there is life, even in the inanimate object. Let him show us the way and guide us how to walk it. Now I was told, isn't it simpler to stay with Alex, instead of going out and looking for four professionals? Because Alex is all those experts I just mentioned. He is a teacher, he is a psychologist, he is a philosopher - and above all he is an artist. Art is a journey into vanishing worlds, revealed only by those who are willing to take the risk of the journey. And as with any journey, you have to learn the path and you also have to know a little bit to get lost. Alex hands us the compass, which points us in the right direction. Then he stands aside and lets us stray, and find the way again. He puts tools in our hands. He gives us wings, but is educated to let us learn for ourselves how to fly. It gives us a new perspective so that we can see the proportion and harmony in either a grotesque figure or a distortion. See the beauty in ugliness. Because seeing the beauty and proportion in the body of a shapely model, (you know 90,60,90), almost anyone can. As we follow Alex's guiding hands, we are mesmerized. These are the hands of an artist. We see his fingers and they, like the fingers of a pianist on the keyboards, vibrate differently, according to the colors they touch. Alex has strong hands, with intertwined muscles, but how gently they touch the statue. Like in a love game with a woman, they caress sensually and give shape… Then he strikes with a scurvy finger, wakes us up from our shrugs and says, “Now you. Once in one of the somewhat philosophical conversations we had you asked me why I draw? And you also asked me what do I find in sculpture? It is not difficult for me to answer this question. Painting and sculpting for me is taking my self out, it's my conversation with myself. The brush floating on the canvas does what it has to do and the painting stops in a certain place but it is not over. The material gets the shape and face that is hidden inside me but to let the brush do its thing I need a guiding hand and to get out the sculpture that is hidden inside me I need help. I found this help in you, Alex. You know how to touch those delicate capillaries and detail them so I can see the right color and the right proportions in the sculpture, even if it is abstract (literally). You revealed to me the secret of how to express things in two-dimensional or three-dimensional form (only the fourth dimension I have not yet discovered). You understand my thoughts even if I do not know how to detail, and you guide me in the right direction. You know how to advise me how to express my special feeling on the canvas or in the material. One word of yours, a light touch and suddenly everything is understood, everything pops up and breaks out. Shadows shorten or lengthen, colors get their light, curves round and faces get expression. You teach me to express in the material feelings of love or anger, compassion or power and especially beauty. You taught me to see beauty in everything, because according to you beauty is in everything just need to know how to look. The dictionary says that a teacher is someone who imparts knowledge. You are Alex more than that, because in addition to the vast knowledge you impart has the added value, it is the same thing that makes me follow you to learn more.

Nurit Lieberman

"I signed up for a sculpture course 3 years ago. I was very curious to know what awaited me, I have been painting and drawing for many years so this course seemed to me a suitable addition in terms of creativity. And so the meeting with a teacher and artist from Russia where he was a well known and esteemed artist began. When we started the first lesson we students stood in a circle around Alex who taught us the basics of sculpture, we saw how he takes the clay in his hands and turns it into a shape with an expression so we stood with our mouths open with pleasure to look at it, so was our initial meeting with Alex Now after 3 years the group continues the classes with a lot of fun and creative emotion every week. The group has held beautiful and fun exhibitions over these years. How can I describe Alex? It is very simple, talented, sensitive, supportive and intelligent and above all a good person. I end with thanks and admiration for my teacher Alex. "

Anna Salvation

"4 years ago I came to Alex's studio with no previous experience in real painting. Today I paint in oil paints, in putty. I discovered that I paint with great pleasure and joy in the results. One thing is clear, I learned from Alex a whole world. To his credit, his every comment brightens my eyes and completes. the painting."

Etty Juletti

"I have been painting for 15 years, and I joined a sculpture class under the direction of Mr. Alex Cherkov and I really enjoy participating in the sculpture workshop. Alchem ​​is a skilled teacher, knows how to convey his wonderful knowledge of sculpture in a simple, clear and clear way to everyone. He has patience and invests in each student accordingly. "Thanks to his special talent, the sculptural works that are still receive life and the joy of life. The results can be seen in works that glorify my home. That we will have many more years of learning and working together. With great appreciation."

Margalit Sobol

"Alex the teacher, instructor, teacher and considerate who devotes his full attention to each and every student and the ability to flow with any style and thanks to him the atmosphere in a relaxed, pleasant and creative classroom. As he says:" I have seven children and I devote all my attention to it, as if he were an only child " .

Daniela Rubinstein

"I have been a sculptor of Mr. Alex Cherkov's since the summer of 2005. Alex instructs me in sculpting the human body from a living model, emphasizing the organs of the body and the face and the relationship between them. We also engage in free sculpture. I learn a lot from him and also enjoy the professional and relevant atmosphere in classes. "Alex is a professional and dedicated teacher and instructor and is generally appreciated."

Carmela Jordan

"A little over a year of co-creation in your studio, passed and ended. I came with a lot of worries and little doubts and came out at the end of a strengthened period, with knowledge that in your wisdom you knew how to pass on and experience. In your special way, philosophy, extensive general knowledge, you opened a wide and fascinating window Whole, the world of art and creativity.Although it has been a bit difficult for me lately, I have managed to gather myself with your words of encouragement and support.Wish you all the best, lots of talented and pleasant students who will continue to spend your day in the challenges and warmth that characterizes you. Love and in your own way. Hope to see you next year or so for your lectures. With much appreciation and appreciation for your investment and dedication. "

- Michal Berkovich

"The beginning of my work in sculpture was completely different from the sequel. You could say when I started I was not particularly excited. The satisfaction and enjoyment came later as I progressed. The most significant change that also led to surprising results was when I started working with teacher Alexander Cherkov. Who helped me build the sculpture in stages. In a logical, scientific and clear way. It fits very well with my way of thinking and working. Alex's emphasis on proportions, on the relationship between the body parts of the character, learning about the difference between a child's body structure and an adult's body structure, The difference between the body structure of an adult woman and the body structure of a girl, helps to achieve surprising and interesting results. It is clear that personal talent affects, but getting the right and scientific foundation realizes personal talent in full force. Clear frustrations exist, hesitations certainly exist, "I do not always reach my goal. Here in situations like this, Alex commented on directions of thought that helped me and contributed to ideas that I did not think in their direction. Thank you very much Alex."

Nitza Flem

"How did it go so fast… Too bad it all has to suddenly end. So to make the breakup a little easier, I wanted to say a little word to you, with a big meaning: T-W-D-H! Thank you for four amazing years, in which you have invested, You taught, worked hard and gave. Thank you for all the wonderful moments, and experiences we went through all the days, thank you for your patience and faith, for the hope you gave, for the understanding. You are an amazing person and there is no arguing, the years passed as fast as the wind. I will go on your way, for you I will walk. With the help of your learning I have planted hope, and here she has completed all the investment. For that there are no words, I owe you thank you, thank you very much for all you have invested, for the dedication, love, warmth and giving, teachers like you. To be like you - always full of joy, happiness and understanding. There are not enough words to express my gratitude to you. Thank you very much for everything. "

Coral Kfir

"I own a business that in my spare time is a sculptor in the sculpture workshop led by Alexander Cherkov. This is the time I enjoy every moment. I arrive half an hour ahead of time and walk half an hour after the time and those three hours fly by. The sculptures I manage to make there with the help of "Alex decorates my house and makes me very happy. Who will give and enjoy everything in my life as I enjoy sculpting with Alex."

- Ronnie Perry

"I was once asked how I started sculpting. The truth is, it happened at a pretty old age - over 50, quite by chance I came across the prospect of the Schneiderman Institute which is close to my house and decided to give it a try. I peeked and 'got hurt'. This is his pleasant atmosphere and smile, ease, stress, acceptance and encouragement and all this together with high professionalism.Alex does not dictate a theme or style, he allows each student to choose his theme and style, and while working he helps him progress and develop the sculpture he has chosen to make. He intervenes exactly in the dose that everyone allows him - to me for example he comes with both hands behind his back. He will of course wake up and explain but will not touch the statue - unless I agree. And all with a smile! And all his touch with clay is a magic touch! Minimum of correction - and everything takes shape New.However - there is a lot to learn: how to sculpt a head, face, proportions, movement, expression, realistic or abstract, plaster cast or fire finish.I have no doubt that if I like sculpting it is thanks to Alex, and if I have progressed - it is definitely thanks to him! And I will not replace him with any other teacher !!! "

Hava Shabtai

"Cherkov is a very professional artist, working with each participant in the workshop individually according to ability and style. Promotes, explains and brings about high achievements."

Efrat Foyer

"Alex, I felt the need to write to you, as a kind of gratitude for having a person like you, to be a part of your student. Thank you for your dedication, much patience and encouragement during your class. I came to the class without any knowledge of art or sculpture, and you managed to bring me to love art and sculpture in particular. "So much so that sculpture has become a significant thing in my life. Thank you very much."

Zilpa Gitait

"I want to thank Alex from the bottom of my heart for the wonderful year I had in the painting class. When I first came I did not believe in my ability to paint but he gave me the confidence, the right word and the praise. And for that I want to thank him again."

Dalia Orgad

"In the old age home, among the ceramics students there was a mood of melancholy, the ceramics instructor was fired or left due to lack of chemistry with the house management. In the early years we had a ceramics instructor, a man we liked not because he was a good instructor or a charismatic man but because we loved the hobby. I do not remember how long it took, maybe a week or two and here's our culture coordinator, introduced us to the new instructor, Alex Cherkov. At first we treated him with apprehension and wonder, did he have the knowledge his predecessor had, and the patience needed to teach seniors. Traits that are not inherent in the character of any teacher.Shortly, after a few lessons we came to know that this teacher's fitness is above and beyond our expectations. True, we were new to this hobby, but until that day we had not encountered a person with such wonderful skills. , A man whose fingers create in moments what others create with hardship and effort for many weeks. Drink in his pulp and change the c The raw ruth to a perfect figure whose organs are full of grace and delicacy. There is no doubt that our house has acquired an artist with a rare stature, a man of clusters, of his stature and above in both sculpture and painting and especially with a human attitude and patience. This person is a precious asset to our home. "

Yigal Arieli

"For about two years now, since the artist Alexander Cherkov has been the instructor of our painting department, my achievements in painting have risen miraculously. Alex has a great deal of knowledge and is good at teaching and promoting students. Everything is done with kindness and a smile."

Miriam Nachmani

"There are not enough words in my mouth to praise and glorify the teacher and artist Alexander (Alex) Cherkov. Since I moved to study painting with him (I had teachers before him) I have taken a huge step forward. Like me, the other students in classes, among them such, who are not" born with a brush in hand ", But Alex with his talent and patience took them out of nowhere and put them on the road and the results are amazing. I will further note that the demand to enter to study in his classrooms is great and over time more classrooms have been added to alleviate the pressure of demand."

Nira Lubnov

"I came to Alex Cherkov's studio 6 years ago completely inexperienced with a desire to sculpt. Alex in his professional, artistic and philosophical way instills in students confidence and belief that in every person there is the artist, the creator allows the student to express and express himself and yet teaches and shares his vast knowledge along the way. Pleasant, supportive and combined with a deep philosophical vision, a family atmosphere and a pleasant atmosphere in the studio and completely obscures the fact that it takes place inside a public shelter in Givatayim. Highly recommend to anyone who has a desire to sculpt or paint. "

Municipality of Shiloah

"For a long time I was with you in classes, painting and sculpture. I enjoyed every moment in your lessons! You pass them with patience, expertise, and great knowledge. I know how to explain, advise and teach in the best way. During the time I was with you I feel very advanced, thanks to the great knowledge "I and all the students in your classes. I'm sorry I have to say goodbye to you, I will miss you very much. I sincerely hope that our paths will cross again and I will be happy to continue to enjoy your great knowledge. With great appreciation and appreciation."

Smadar Azachi

"Alex is an excellent teacher and a special person! Good and pleasant atmosphere, the place is big and spacious."

Racheli Anishban

"For years I have been studying painting with teacher Alex Cherkov. I note with great sympathy the teacher's contribution, thanks to his professional and supportive approach throughout, Alexander (or Alex as we call him) is knowledgeable, patient, humble and popular, owner An excellent approach to mentoring adults, a teacher and a friend and the results speak for themselves.I think it is important, necessary and very desirable to allow him to open a painting class with municipal public support. My hope is that he will make a special effort on the part of our municipality that excels so much in caring for retirees, that it will show a sympathetic interest in my request. "

Refresh field

"The workshop under the guidance of Alex Cherkov is a most enjoyable experience. Alex's approach to each student, the desire to impart knowledge to his students, whether in practical work or lectures, testifies to his love for his students and teaching and teaching and love of art. "I manage to create things I did not think I could do. Alexander's guidance, the personal and warm treatment he gives to each and every one, encourages me and makes the best out of sculpture. I draw great satisfaction from the course and it is a pleasure for me to attend every lesson."

Bruria Skafa

"God has blessed you with an extraordinary artist, from the way you work with us we immediately feel your special talent - every work immediately becomes a work of art. We want to thank you, a special and nice man, for the willingness you invest in working with older and disabled people who help you create and be proud of their work." There are no words in our mouths to describe the sense of creativity and satisfaction you instill in us! I wish God would bless you and see a blessing in your actions. Thank you and with respect. "

Shoshana Avrech

"I'm in my second year with Alex, and every week I come to Givatayim from Be'er Sheva. I enjoy every moment! I have been sculpting online for 7 years, but I felt I was missing anatomy studies, and that's how I got to Alex.

Ingrid Neumann

"Cherkov allows the artist to develop into sculpture, drawing and painting, in each of the fields Alexander Cherkov has a great deal of knowledge through which he develops the artist's abilities. Personally from clay sculpture, I learned to make plaster molds, rubber molds, cast sculptures from polymeric material, experiment with painting, and casting "Wax sculptures in preparation for a bronze sculpture. In fact, I was given all the tools to make sculptures from different materials."

Eli Kaufman

"I want to thank Alex for the experience I had in the classes. The painting and sculpture class is not just a painting and sculpture class but first and foremost an awareness workshop that led me to first observe…. Understand processes. Many are teachers today in every possible field, but a teacher like Alex will always be familiar In my mouth and in my heart. Thank you for who you are, for the vast knowledge that lies within you, for the sensitivity, the humor, the warm and personal attitude. The classes gave me a lot, thank you for that "

Leah Vita

"About 10 years ago, my late neighbor Aharon Fibron (died 3 years ago) contacted me. The late Aaron was full of enthusiasm for Alex, I was enthusiastic about the sculptures of the late Aaron and the late Aaron was enthusiastic about his teacher Alex. Aaron managed to convince me to join the sculpture department at the folk high school only after 7 years. Resident of Petah Tikva and working until 18:00. About 3 years ago I decided to join the class, I turned to my superiors to leave work at 16:30, and it is clear that each time I am deducted from my salary for an hour and a half. Despite the difficulties and traffic jams not only did I not give up - I am not willing to give up a lesson with Alex. Alex is a personality both as a very talented artist and as a person. Patient, polite, cultured and few get to learn from a person like him. He invests his whole being in study and stays well above working hours. He moves from student to student and always with a smile and encouragement. So I keep learning and only with him when you leave home do you know it was fun and there is more to learn from him. "

Chaya Wiesel

"Alex has great knowledge and patience, pleasant demeanor. Conducts classes in which he gives full attention to everyone, from the one who already has knowledge in painting to the new student who has never touched a brush. As a painter who participates for many years (13 years) in painting classes, with a number Teachers, I felt the difference between an experienced teacher and a new teacher. "

Ofra Barkan

"I'm a student in Alexander Cherkov's painting class. I would like to point out that for a few years I visited several classes and with some painting instructors, but the class under the guidance of artist artist Alex is above a regular painting class. During my stay in the class, I felt "All the students and not a little thanks to the teacher. The encouragement he gives when needed, happy with my success, open communication and heartfelt advice. What's more, his talent is a gift from heaven and he knows how to delegate from him to his students.

Zippora Goldberg

"My teacher and Rabbi Alexander. I respect and appreciate you as a teacher and as a person I cherish your patience and personality. Sculpture lessons are a great pleasure for me and lesson by lesson I expect it to start a new week, and create a new work again.

Rebecca Karni

"After a crazy and exhausting week at work I would come to relax with you in a sculpture class, a real brain therapy. I learned a lot from you, always with a guiding hand and value-added advice. Thanks again and hope to continue to enjoy more workshops in the future."

Sagi Alkalay

"Alex is a teacher of sculpture and painting, a great person, pleasant, patient and kind. Understands and feels the student's soul. Has many skills as a teacher and as a person. Does not deprive any student, moves from one lesson to another, teaches individually and explains, teaches, encourages and supports. And warmth. Everyone gets attention. I learned to make different sculptures and each lesson I had a new experience. I enjoyed every moment. In a painting lesson I learned to paint and I have different and varied paintings with his help, support and encouragement. I wish in our country more people like Alex and of course as a teacher in Israel "Wishes all teachers to be like our Alex, always smiles a patient and caring face, wants everyone to be happy with the lessons. Alex is great in his generation, humble and talented. Wishes him success in every way, he will continue to teach students and take an example from him."

Shoshana Halpersin

"I first heard about you from a friend who studied with you and told me that she has an excellent sculpture teacher named" Alex Cherkov ". After I started attending your classes, I saw in front of a pleasant person sensitive and quiet walks. I really liked the atmosphere in your classes, and time always passed with fun and enjoyment, With seriousness and learning on the one hand and humor on the other. After a while I felt progress, I learned to approach the material differently, understand proportions, color and more and more. So I also began to appreciate your teacher, not only a sculptor who creates but also a teacher who knows how to convey his knowledge "To consider the student's wishes. I thank you for this period and for what you have taught me so far. And I very much hope that I can continue to sculpt under your guidance. With great appreciation."

Is not a globe

"I want to say a few words about Alex's studies. Learning to create for him is an unforgettable experience. It's not just the material or the character, it's much more than that. His unambiguous professionalism, the relaxed atmosphere he radiates, his wide smile, real fun. . "

Ayelet Karate

"My name is Arlet Bentovim and I have been participating in a painting class led by Mr. Cherkov for about three years. I would like to point out that Mr. Cherkov is a wonderful person in general and an excellent instructor in particular. During my years in the class I enjoyed every moment and I feel very advanced in the field. "Contributed to the participants of the class from his vast knowledge, always with kindness and patience. I have no doubt that many others can derive great pleasure from Mr. Cherkov's guidance."

Arlet Bentovim

"Alex, the first period of getting to know sculpture and you as a teacher is coming to an end. Teacher, this is a word that has devalued, unfortunately. It is important for me to convey to you the value that this function repeatedly receives in your presence as a guide, master. As a composer you know how to find, where others grope in the dark. "All the movements and all the postures in my body have ever been done, I sit on a chair and think like Rodin's thinker. And since I sat folded in my mother's womb, I have the wisdom of the folding chair. My hands are lifted up by Moses as he lifted the tablets of the covenant I'm a little desperate, I hug like King David on the roof or helpless like Jesus on the cross, but paws My hands are free, I'm free… " This is how Yehuda Amichai, the poet, knows how to find freedom, create and observe. Thank you "

Bina Bergman

"After three years of guiding and teaching me to draw and paint, we part. It's hard to define and tell how much painting added content and interest to my life and how much I learned from your vast experience, patience and ability to pass on the knowledge. Painting lessons were the highlight of the week. "I wish you great success in the future and very much hope that our paths will cross and I will continue to enjoy your knowledge and experience. All the best and many fruitful years."

Hannah Frank

"Since my childhood I have loved art and tried different fields in it. Even during my years as a teacher, I have always been involved in art, school and home. Art was" for the soul ". After retiring from my job at the Ministry of Education, I continued to work in art. This field, too. Although I was involved in various arts, I never touched on the material. I was looking for a class to join, but since it was after the beginning of the year, I could not find a place in Petah Tikva, where I live. Luckily (yes, it was luck) there was a place with Alexander Cherkov. I arrived at the studio in Givatayim and started, for the first time in my life, working with material. "I was touched and hurt," I fell in love with sculpture, working in 8D and I continue this work to this day, for about XNUMX years. I am sure that the great knowledge and professionalism of Alex and the atmosphere in the studio - were the factors for love and perseverance in sculpture. Since then, I have been involved in sculpture in various materials, but I have not left the material. I must point out that everything I know about sculpture: working with material, proportions, painting, etc. - are thanks to Alex. Thanks to art I have known lovely people in the country and in other countries in the world, people I would not have reached in any other way. Some, though, have become real friends. The pursuit of art fills my world (in addition to my children and grandchildren) and enriches it. I ask the one who sits on high to give me the strength to continue engaging in art. And again thanks to Alex who opened a big window for me into the world of sculpture. Thanks!"

Hasya Gabili

"I learned to draw with Alex. I absorbed a lot of knowledge. The activity in the workshop was very professional and the atmosphere was very pleasant and" I want to thank you Alex - a rare teacher with great knowledge, an examining eye and true artistic sensitivity, understanding, considerate, true guide. I had a fruitful year in your workshop, I enjoyed every moment and I feel that I have developed and learned a lot. I feel that you have managed to gently and sensitively guide me to find my way in painting, without trying to change me, but only to improve and promote. Every time I come to your class I accumulate renewed energies, learn new things, get important tips from you, philosophical ideas for life, cheer, encouragement and lots of humor. Of course I feel that I am only at the beginning of the road, and hope to continue with you and with the students who support and support the workshop next year as well, and if possible - up to 120! Thank you and hope to continue to absorb from you as much as possible. And again, thank you. "

Mali Azoulay

"I learned to draw with Alex. I absorbed a lot of knowledge. The activity in the workshop was very professional and the atmosphere was very pleasant and accommodating. In the workshop I acquired tools for self-work and gained confidence in my abilities. I miss the time I drew in Alex Cherkov's workshop."

Mirabel Oppenheimer

"Dear Alex Murray, sensitive and humble. Every student is a challenge for him. The art of sculpture flows in his blood, in every vein of his soul, with endless talent and patience. He passes it on to his students, I personally accompany him for 5 years and I have no words to thank him. I should be proud to have a special teacher like you. I personally thank Alex from the bottom of my heart for everything he has given me as an artist and sculptor. "

Tzila Schmidt

"Teacher Alex Cherkov, is a teacher from whom I personally received the basics for sculpting my sculptures and reliefs. The teacher has a great deal of knowledge of both the human body structure and the facial structure. The faces that sculpt are given life and real expression. "I also learned techniques for painting the sculptures, which I have not encountered in other places of study. Clay sculptures get a bronze look as if they are made of bronze in its various shades and more. I study with Alex for several years and I continue to receive techniques and knowledge non-stop."

Paula Nitzana

"Alex is an institution in itself. The inexhaustible knowledge, attitude, manner of information, love of art and access to people make it possible to acquire the tools for the work of art. In short, an experience."

Yoram Israeli

"My name is Rinat, I am 40 years old (another 10 months) and I have three children. Most of the time I am busy with my daily life, with regular work but, Sunday of the week at 18:30 I take off my routine clothes and wear the sculpture clothes. Well another course but, there is a course and there is a course and this type is of the type of there is a course !!! What can I tell you, the place is great, the atmosphere is fantastic but, all this would not have been successful without "The Maestro", Alex the Great. Not only the professional, but also the calm and magical atmosphere he creates in the classroom and which manages to bring out amazing skills in each of us. His professional ability to guide us, help us with professional points and encourage the strengths of each of us, makes us sculpt sculptures that make "wow" shouts from anyone watching "I'm been in Alex's class for about three years and the amount of classes I missed during that time is minimal. I'm looking forward to Big Sunday."

Rinat Shochat

"When I came to write something about Alex's classes, it was clear to me that my experience was completely personal. I came to get knowledge, and I learned that all the knowledge lies within me and all I need is a few more tips from Alex. The classes gave me a lot, the classes were with lots of laughter and fun. From every meeting I have attended. I thank Alex, I wish success in the future. "

Haim Turgeman

"I would like to express my deep appreciation for our sculpture guide Mr. Alex. During the time I was assisting him in the work of sculpture, I found in him a blessed man with a golden hand, who dedicates himself to his job with loyalty and joy. He is always by our side: helping, encouraging, advising. Walking, friendly, attracts his students with his personal charm to attend his fascinating lessons.The quiet, good spirit, refined taste and cultural level fascinate the participants and encourage them to invest their best.Create this sculpture like writing a song.In the material pour different ideas, build marvelous works.You can pour Wonderful ideas that serve eternity as the sculptures.Thanks to Alex we can improve the ideas in our imagination and gradually rise in ranks in their implementation.I thank Alex and wish all the participants in the course to stay with us.We intend to stay and enjoy his talents, and learn from him as much as possible in the future. "

Esther Adler Miller

"I did not know how to hold a pencil, today with Alex's help I learned to draw and a lot. Alex is not only a teacher who teaches, he always encourages and gives a good word and for that I thank him."

Aviva Fox

"I really admire Alex Cherkov, as a person and as an artist. I'm new to your sculpture group, only one semester I'm in it, after about four years working in another group. I want to express my feelings while working with you. Concerned about what I joined. New teacher, what and how I will be happy to say that every hour of work with you is a celebration for me.Your patience, patience, smile always spread across your face, abundant face pleasant and kindness, your ability to explain and guide a lot, there is no limit to all of these. "My work, more self-confidence, more ability and possibility to develop imagination. And suddenly, the satisfaction is also greater. All of these are my portion now, under your auspices. For all these, for the relaxed atmosphere in the class and for the fun of working with you, come for the blessing, good luck!"

Zehava Avrahami

"I, Rabinovich Yona, am studying with Alex Cherkov for a third year as part of a sculpture class. I started without any knowledge and basis on the subject of sculpture and now I sculpt unique and original sculptures that are highly valued. Alex introduced us to the work material - clay, explained its properties and guided us. While working we learned to deal with the material and its problems and we reached impressive achievements under the patient and professional guidance of Alex. The subject of "the head" was given special attention with the help of the excellent booklet written by Alex and which clearly explains the stages of work. Alex is an exceptionally professional and talented sculptor who puts a lot of effort into personal guidance for each student according to his ability and pace of progress. To put his dreams and imaginations into action, above all, Alex's pleasant and welcoming personality makes all students enjoy their time in class and everyone enjoys the hobby of sculpture. The interesting conversations that Alex and the students had To the sea in terms of philosophy, culture, art, etc. add a layer of intelligence, interest and "spiciness" to the lessons. For these reasons I very much enjoy attending a sculpture class led by Alex Cherkov and make efforts to come even when I am out of town. I am very grateful to Alex for the guidance, help, physical investment, and answering all my requests. I wish Alex great success in all his endeavors. "

- Yona Rabinovich

"I want to thank you for the wonderful years I learned from Alex a lot about the basics of sculpture and painting. For several years I was with him in painting and sculpture classes, I enjoyed every moment in his classes, I enjoyed every moment in his classes, which he passed with dedication, patience, expertise and great knowledge. Alex knew how to explain. To advise and teach in a good and interesting way. During the time I studied with him, I feel that I have progressed very much, thanks to the great knowledge he knew to pass on to me and all the students in his classes. Alex the teacher pleased me very much with his patience and kindness.

Sima Bibi

"I would like to express my great appreciation to Mr. Cherkov, who accompanied me and the members of the group in a sculpture course at Tel Aviv University. Many people who choose to teach and impart from their knowledge and talent, but from my acquaintance with Alex as a teacher and instructor in the course, he did so with great talent, incredible patience and with a smile and acceptance regularly on his lips. I retired from my job about 8 years ago, and now I am retired. I finally have the time and motivation to pursue my hobbies. I have previously signed up for several classes, and have known all kinds of instructors and teachers in the field of sculpture, but with such a desire, knowledge and care, I have not encountered before. In a few of these lines I must point out that I feel a great privilege to learn from Alex's knowledge and talent and overall wish him success along the way. "

Freddie Kimmel

"For over two years I have had the pleasure and honor of learning the art of painting with Alex. As this period progresses, as I come to summarize this period of study, I come to the conclusion that my studies with Teacher Cherkov greatly advanced my skill in developing perspectives, new technologies, and proper use. "In color and more. His great patience, the clarity of his instructions and the pleasant atmosphere he inspires, contribute greatly to the motivation and high level of performance of me and his many students."

Ruthi Nachmani concludes

"I have always been a working man and even when I retired I did all sorts of things and one of my main hobbies was wood carving. When I was looking for an educational setting I learned about a ceramics sculpture class that Alexander Cherkov teaches. The classes, I met Alex, I was very impressed with him both as a person and as a professional so I decided to give this class a chance. Over time I discovered Alex's vast knowledge and his willingness to give us this knowledge comfortably and with full attention to every participant. Participating in the class is interesting for me And I'm proud to be studying with the artist. "

Shlomo Madrar

"Each lesson with teacher-artist Alex Cherkov is an exciting, creative experience, in a quiet and pleasant atmosphere, and we look forward to the next lesson."

Leah Throat

"Beloved Alex, I wanted to say thank you for the fact that for two years now in every class you have been expanding another point for me in the physical, three-dimensional view and spiritual view of the world."

Edith Sinai

"I will start with the fact that since I was a girl, then a girl, a woman, I dream and hope that one day I will learn to sculpt (no matter what material) to fulfill my dream and I want to engage in sculpture. Fortunately my dream came true (albeit late) and three years ago Alex appeared at our club like an angel A dream come true, in fact, and for that I am very happy and thankful for him. I must note that the sculptural works that I and my classmates create do not fall short of the artwork of any other artist. This can be seen and not just heard from admiration from friends, family and the environment. "I have been sculpting for at least a number of years and I find it hard to believe that these are works that were sculpted in a sculpture circle and that is of course thanks to Alex and thanks to his patience."

Ines Batat

"Alexander Cherkov is a great teacher, promotes every student where he can and wants to. He locates the potential of everyone and encourages. There are few art teachers who teach according to the nature of the students and do not try to force themselves and their style Alex is sensitive and helps everyone wherever he is. . "

Talia Vier

"I would like to commend, and describe a person and art teacher who has made his mark on me as a student of painting and I believe this influence is evident in all his students. I had the privilege of being his student for a long time and enjoying his qualities and skills. He is a very creative, reliable and humane artist. "In his classes, we absorbed knowledge, culture and enjoyment. His calm remarks, his wonderful guidance and his pleasant demeanor left a great impression on us."

Ziva Levits

"At the end of the first semester of the sculpture class with teacher Alex Cherkov I must say that I get to study with a 'real teacher' who treats me and each student personally by guiding us to achieve high and satisfactory results. Alex does not rest for a moment, during the lesson passes from one "Secondly, he explains, corrects and mainly talks to each student about his work, usually so that the student himself will formulate his ideas. It is clear that his knowledge of world art is deep and multiple."

Shulamit Gilad

"With great sorrow and without prior preparation, I have to say goodbye to you, your talent, your much patience, and especially your great knowledge, which you gave me (us) wholeheartedly. Only thanks to your special patience was I able to" sit down "and take pictures under my hand, and note that success. Good luck in the future where I would like to participate, and acquire more of your great talent. "

Varda Barak

"I would like to express my appreciation to Alex, by way of writing it is easy for me to say that he invests his skills and manages to convey his vast knowledge and everything in his pleasant way. His explanations are understandable and they open new horizons for creation and release our skills and imagination - we did not know existed. "And the worries and I learn to express myself in the work. Under his guidance when the work is perfect and the satisfaction is great, I know that Alex has a big part in my success and I want to thank him for that."

Crystal Lion

"Alex Cherkov is an artist, a teacher, with inexhaustible knowledge of art, philosophy, a unique and special person."

Irish Bieber

"Alex set up the workshop with his ten fingers and raised many generations of students. Thanks to his radiant personality, professionalism and vast knowledge, the workshop became a magnet for many students, who came to learn and develop in painting and sculpture. Word of mouth carried Alex's name and so did I, like many others. Alex studied sculpture with Alex 3 years ago. Alex, the artist and teacher with great doctrine and knowledge, connected to all the inclinations and desires of each student, promoted him with kindness and professionalism, patience and great investment and instilled in him a belief in his abilities. He does not skip anyone. He examines and looks, explains and sometimes touches and demonstrates, makes a comment that manages to produce a different insight, a new direction that will promote the act of creation. Each student in the workshop works on something different and Alex in his special way manages to connect to everything the student chooses to do. For me it was an experience to come to Alex's workshop every Sunday evening and work in it. I was happy to start a new work week in the sculpture workshop. For years I dreamed of sculpting and with Alex's help, I was able to fulfill a dream, overcoming a gap of 30 years since I stopped studying art. . "

Michal Rotem

"I studied with Alex for two years. An excellent teacher. Every touch of his material is worth its weight in gold. If I had continued to live in the center of the country I would have continued."

Amos Redlich

"I want to share my feelings about my favorite class 'sculpture.' "Coming to class, I forget all my problems, and enter another world that is all peace and satisfaction, for two and a half hours that pass quickly and I am not willing to miss a single lesson. The results of his work were shown in the successful exhibitions we had at the club.

Pnina Cohen

"To Alex Cherkov, a wonderful artist, maestro and philosopher, for a very long time I would like to thank Alex, a gifted teacher of painting and sculpture, an unparalleled maestro, a philosopher of life and art. We his students, and I among them, owe him fascinating study hours, great learning atmosphere. In the studio, patience is endless for each of us. And all that inexhaustible knowledge and the artist's eye is unparalleled in it! We are lucky to have won such a teacher. Thank you for the wonderful years in the one and only studio! "

Rachel Hilbuch

"Although I am relatively new to a painting course, in this short time I have learned a lot and all thanks to the patience, dedication, knowledge and kindness that Alex gives to his students and I believe that to every person close to him."

Ilana Golan

"The one and only Alex. With ten fingers and skyrocketing ambition he got what he deserved. A glorious teacher with a lot of patience from whom every student will come away with the feeling that he is a bit of an artist. I had the privilege of studying with him due to family health issues. Thank you, Alex.

Orna Noble

Another year has passed and I would like to say: Thank you! Being a student of an artist like Alex and creating under his examining and professional eyes is an experience. Like a good teacher does not spare explanations. We started with "small", we created body parts: hand, foot… We sculpted the parts of the face Separately like: ear, nose, eyes and everything while paying attention to accuracy, and meaning direction of each line.Each slightest change gives a different character to the work his professional book ← "The Head" which explains how to sculpt a head, step by step helped me and my many friends. The booklet is not "afraid" to sculpt my head. Alex encourages the freedom of creation and directs us to give our imagination a limit to the material and conditions, the works are varied and creativity celebrates. Sometimes we work for many months on one piece when involved in the whole process In the oven. Thanks to his professionalism, extensive experience and boundless patience he does not give up and brings the finished product to perfection. We look forward to Sunday… Only an important family event prevents us from coming to class. But we leave at the end of the class smiling and full of energy R. evacuated the sentence: "Getting to this meeting on Sunday is cheaper and more efficient than a visit to a psychiatrist + bonus ← the work. Alex, I wish you many creative years in good health and joy. "

Hannah Gershovich

"The painting class has been accompanied for two years by the painter - teacher Alexander Cherkov, and seems to have no substitute! Alex came to us from a long-standing artistic tradition and served us as both artist and pedagogue: his ability to guide professionally in various art subjects and his ability to listen to any student "Like her. Thanks to the encouragement and support he gave to each participant in the class, there were amazing results in discovering talents and ability to perform."

- Deborah Dayan

"I am Konros Verde from the Tel Aviv Senior Citizens' House, I would like to express my pleasure from the ceramics classes held every Sunday of the week by teacher Alex. I must point out that Alex, a charming and caring person, who pays the most attention to all his students and gives the feeling that everyone has the power and creative ability, and for that he deserves praise. "

Varda Conros

"With great sensitivity Alex approached everyone and taught in a way that suited him. His learning was done with both head and heart, and with all soul, with lots of love and lots of light. A special atmosphere in his classes and we all enjoyed it. I was very lucky, honored and pleased to attend his workshop. "Four years ago, after many years of not drawing. I learned a lot from Alex. I included my observation from his new perspective, I enjoyed his special way of learning and his illuminating personality. I acquired a lot of helpful tips that I use. I thank him from the bottom of my heart."

Talia sings

"I participated in the painting and sculpture class from 2002 with teacher Alex Cherkov. I would like to mention the extensive knowledge he gave me in the classes. The teacher treated each student personally, acted patiently, pleasantly and contributed a lot to the whole group's enjoyment of learning."

Leah Broker

"I and many, many other students were privileged to study with Alexander and it is an achievement of many many hours of happiness in doing and learning and an uplifting mood."

Madeleine Shalit

"To Alex, with much respect and appreciation for your talent as a sculptor and artist. In admiration of the works we produced under your guidance, with personal attention to each of us. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts."

- Sculpture students,

due inThe Daisy Wen

"To Alex, our teacher. We, like his children, understand the inclinations of our hearts and also the limitations. He knows how to get the most beautiful sculptures we can, with a lot of help, of course. It is a pleasure to hear his comments on art and life in general. What could be better than that! "

Ezra David

"I am a painter, a member of the Givatayim Association of Painters and Sculptors - Ramat Gan since the founding of the association. I have held many solo exhibitions and participated in group exhibitions. I came to sculpture several years ago, and studied with Alex Cherkov. Alex is an excellent teacher and a wonderful person. His students. To each one he pays attention, guides and helps with the sculpture and patiently explains how to create appropriate dimensions, volume and proportion for the various sculptures. He allows each student to choose the subjects he sculpts and guides each of us kindly. I always felt I was progressing in the sculpture work under Alex "Alex is an artist. I visited his exhibition and was very impressed by his beautiful sculptures. I wish Alex success in his future endeavors as an artist and teacher."

Irit Ronen

"Studying sculpture with a teacher and artist like Alex Cherkov is an experience and a pleasure! We were lucky to win !!!"

Rebecca Shaham

"About a year and a half ago, my daughter, Michal, persuaded me to come with her to Alexander Cherkov's sculpture class in Givatayim. Without any experience, thanks to the confidence and guidance he gives students at the beginning and later I started creating sculptures that impressed me first because I did not believe I could achieve "So far, I have created over 10 original sculptures - not copies. As a teacher - artist Alex gives his talent and helps each student realize his every idea, along the way. He is a kind man and creates a good atmosphere in classes."

Shlomo Katz

"Alex is endowed with his pleasant demeanor, gentleness, modesty, vast knowledge and talent in the field of painting, everyone gave the feeling, as if he is at the center, and receives from him, from Alex, the full attention in drawing and drawing taps. We should all note the progress in painting. This year, at Country Givatayim, speaks for itself; visitors' enthusiasm for the level of paintings and the ability of the "new painters" who have been Alex's students for the past three years.The critique of the guests and the success of the exhibition brought pride not only to us, but to a teacher who spared no effort. And the ability to get hit. "

- Elevated heart

"I have been participating in the painting class under the guidance of Alexander Cherkov for several years. I would like to mention his pleasant personality, his great kindness to the students, his patience, and his excellent professional guidance. Through his interesting comments, thanks to him, I progressed in painting, I enjoy every moment, and for that "I thank him very much."

Aviva Caspi

"I would like to thank Alexander, for three wonderful years he taught us painting lessons, with lots of love and professionalism. Alex a wonderful teacher, with lots of giving, enriched us with different and varied techniques. The dedication he radiated, his love for the profession penetrated us, arrived every week, on time One lesson. Be strong! For there will be many teachers like you! "

Ilana Targan

"I would like to express from the bottom of my heart my gratitude and appreciation for the wonderful two years in which I found myself regularly coming to a sculpture class every Wednesday under your guidance. I do not have enough words to express how much I learned I was enriched and enjoyed these classes. Alex, thank you for your patience, sensitivity, reinforcements, "The inspiration, the good atmosphere you create in the classroom, and the desire and ability to give us students the feeling that we are good at what we do, despite the mistakes along the way. So thank you, and thank you again, hope we can continue this way together, in one learning format or another."

Eilat Dan

"My participation in the sculpture class with Alex Cherkov stemmed from my need to look for improvement in sculpture techniques. I thought of course that I know how to sculpt and that I already sculpt. Of course when I entered the class at Alex, I immediately realized that I know nothing and far from being a sculptor of course. In short, Alex instilled in us technical foundations, anatomy and proportions. In his relaxed and captivating personality with great charm, without arrogance, while demonstrating great knowledge and broad education, in a social approach he was able to accompany each student according to his skills and work style. "Acquiring many knowledge and techniques. Alex was an embarrassed teacher for me and trained me with a commendable skill. The many exhibitions he prepared with his students a thousand times over his skills as an artist and teacher, mastery of the material, professional knowledge that knows no bounds in all areas of sculpture."

Yitzhak Nissim

"Alex is a teacher with a broad knowledge of art… Promotes every student from where he is. I have really enjoyed sculpting in Alex's workshop for the last 3 years. There is a lot to learn from Alex and move forward and hope to continue .."

Judith Pascal

"Hello Alex, the excellent teacher of painting. I have been studying painting with you for more than two years. I am now summarizing my achievements in a relatively short period of time and I come to the conclusion that these two years promoted me from elementary school to high school and maybe even more. And also opened up to me new and interesting ways of looking at artists' drawings, painting technique, and use of colors etc. Your classes have a great atmosphere, your instructions are given to each of us clearly and patiently and also gently. In short, learn from you - interesting and fun. "That you give us once a month - that they are important and give a lot of knowledge in painting. I want to hope that I can continue to study with you. Thank you very much for your contribution to me during my years of study with you."

Word create

"I create in Cherkov's studio and I love working there under the inspiration and guidance of artist Alex Cherkov."

Nea Cohen

"All I know to this day, and I still have a lot to learn, is thanks to Alexander. Alex is a wonderful teacher but more than that he is a great person, warm, patient and full of willingness to pass on his knowledge to others and for that I am grateful."

Nurit Tzvieli

"High quality art workshop, led by Alex Cherkov, a veteran artist, a special and unique man, with extensive experience and rich knowledge who gives personal attention, with a talent to bring out each and every one the best skills to produce art and artists. The atmosphere is supportive and warm I recommend In the heat !!!! "

Sophie Halbraish

"For over two years I have had the pleasure and honor of learning the art of painting with Alex. As this period progresses, as I come to summarize this period of study, I come to the conclusion that my studies with Teacher Cherkov greatly advanced my skills in developing perspectives, new technologies, and proper use. In color and more. His great patience, the clarity of his instructions and the pleasant atmosphere he inspires, contribute a lot to the motivation and high level of performance of me and his many students. "

Anavit Lavie

"Alexander treats each student individually and manages to find a way at an important point - for each group in the work. Gives and pays attention during the painting - and as soon as I got stuck gave me the strength and desire to finish the painting down to the last detail. Thank you! Thank you!"

Tzipora Zilber

"I paint and sculpt with clay and stone from a young age, with some very long breaks. With teacher Cherkov I found the best and most suitable place for me at this stage of my creative life. Alex is a great teacher in painting and sculpture, and in both I love to create. Alex has great knowledge and worldview Interesting. He imparts this knowledge to his students with a lot of good will and love. (I was also with a teacher who did not want to teach his unique knowledge for fear of competition) I feel that in Cherkov the study is in-depth and on the other hand every student is given freedom of choice and creation. In many places, in private circles and at the Avni Institute. And there is nothing like Alex! "

- Rebecca Hertz

"I find it appropriate to thank Alexander Cherkov for the privilege of being a student in his group of students in the Department of Painting. As a retired teacher with extensive teaching experience I would like to point out some of his qualities. Beyond the professionalism and knowledge he demonstrated during classes, Alex "A pleasant atmosphere. All of these contributed to the promotion and the desire to belong to one of the groups under his guidance. I wish him success in his future endeavors."

Shoshana Reshef

List of participants in sculpture and painting workshops at the Cherkov Studio

Avi Gonen Avi Gonen
Avi Cohen
Aviv Levy
Aviva Caspi Aviva Kaspi
Aviva Fux Aviva Fux
Avraham Burstein
Avraham Lipson
Adela Wais
Beloved in Ahuva Babai
Beloved Ahuva Livne
Beloved Ahuva Kalman
Ahuva Strezer
Aharon Fraibron
Or Shvartz
Ori Burshtein Ori Burshtein
Orly Zeharia
Orly Ovadia
Orly Shponder
Orly Sason
Orna Nobel
Orna Rozenblum
Oshrat Portugal Oshrat Portugal
Aya Levy
Ivet Shemesh
Ayala Kastro Ayala Kastro
Ayelet Karate
Ilana Eliazarov Ilana Eliazarov
Ilana Elisher Ilana Elisher
Ilana Golan Ilana Golan
Ilana Zakurski Ilana Zakurski
Ilana Hay Ilana Hay
Ilana Targan Ilana Targan
Ilana Noyman Ilana Noyman
Eilat Dan Eilat Dan
Ingrid Noyman
Ina Globin
Ines Batat Ines Batat
Iris Burshtein
Iris Mualem
Iris Pack Iris Pack
Irit Biber
Irit Milerman
Irit Froster
Iren Hendi
Irena Halfin
Alon Peled
Alon Shahar Alon Shahar
Eli Kiofman Eli Kiofman
Elia Pomerantz Elia Pomerantz
Elinor Shugay
Eliezer Gat
Eliezer Maick
Eliezer Knispel
Anna Yeshua
Anna Marushi
Anita Bardin
Annie Avraham
Osnat Mizrahi Osnat Mizrahi
Esther Adler Miller
Ester Opochenski
Esther Orbach
Esther Ben Ephraim Esther Ben Efraim
Esther Benita
Esther Bat Or Esther Bat Or
Esther Saranga Esther Saranga
Efrat Feuer Efrat Feuer
Efrat Shavit
Efrat Gez Efrat Gez
Ariel Sela Ariel Sela
Ariela Orian
Ariela Yoel
Arie Kristal
Arlet Bentovim
Asher Nakdimon
Eti Eshed
Eti Dayagi
Eti Zoulty
Eti Kofman Eti Kofman

Bright to see Behira Lerea
Bogdan After
Bina Bergman
Ben Ami Gov
Barbara Haberman
Bruria Scapa Bruria Scapa
Bracha Giat
Bat Ami Landsman
Bat Zion Halbort
Bat Sheva Aviram
Bat Sheva Frishman

Joya Levy
Gary Baron
Gvili Galit
Gvili Sigal
Guy asked Guy Shal
Gil Or
Gil Topaz Gil Topaz
Gal Tal Gal Tal
Galit Halperin Galit Halperin
Galit Shvatrz Galit Shvatrz
Geri Degani Geri Dgani

Dvora Dayan
Dvora Hazor
Dorit Avidor Dorit Avidor
Dorit Ornai Dorit Ornai
Dorit Zabari Dorit Zabari
Dorit Knobel Dorit Knobel
Dina Oded
Dalia Orgad
Dalia Mendelson
Dalia Nir Dalia Nir
Dalit Hazan
Dalit Moseri Dalit Moseri
Daniela Ishay Daniela Ishay
Daniela Rubinstein
Dafna Kamil Dafna Kamil

Hed Kovetz
Hadas Krichman
Helena Gat
Helena Dachtier Helena Dachtier

Vivi Pick Vivi Pick
Victor Aein
Victor Fider
Vladimir Zolotov
Vladimir Fenchenko Vladimir Fenchenko
Vered Ziv Vered Ziv
Varda El-Hanani
Varda Barak
Varda Ferber
Varda Konros

Zehava Avrahami
Zehava Bison
Zehava Gov
Zehava Cohen
Zehava Release Zehava Shihrur
Ziva Levitas
Ziva Shem Tov Ziva Sem Tov
Ziva Tamari
Zilpa Gitait

Hagit Ovadia Hagit Ovadia
Hava Aloni Bar Natan
Hava Telzak Hava Telzak
Hava Tamir Hava Tamir
Hava Keler Hava Keler
Hava Shabtai Hava Shabtai
Haya Elhasid
Haya Vizel
Haim Oarbach
Haim Mudrik
Haim Turjeman
Hana Holzman
Chen Berlin Chen Berlin
Hana Gershovitz
Hana Taob
Hana Levy
Hannah Ezra
Hana Frank
Hana Kenig
Hana Shvartz
Hani Gutman
Hani Klainhauz
Hanita Rotner
Hasia Gvili

Good Dr. Tova Dar
Tova Wais Tova Wais
Tony Koren
Talia Vaier Talia Vaier
Talia Sher Talia Sher

Igal Elbag
Igal Arieli Igal Arieli
Yehudit Oshpitz Yehudit Oshpitz
Yehudit Bar Nahor Yehudit Bar Nahor
Yehudit Doron Yehudit Doron
Yehudit Meiron Yehudit Meiron
Yehudith Pascal Yehudith Pascal
Yehudit Ronen Yehudit Ronen
Yehudith Shwartz Yehudith Shwartz
Yehudit Shifer Yehudit Shifer
Yehoshua Sarig Yehushua Sarig
Yoav Gutman
Yohana Shlezinger
Yulia Lasov
Yona Ben Aharon
Yona Rabinovich
Yossi Givati
Yosefa Shraga
Yoram Israeli
Izhar Zehavi
Yanam Kabir Inam Kabir
Yael Hayut Yael Hayut
Yael Lidor Yael Lidor
Yael Amit
Yael Raz Dotan
Yael Shvartz
Jacob Weis Yaacov Wais
Beautiful Brandwein Yafa Bernadwain
Beautiful Levy Yafa Levy
Beautiful Nakadimon Yafa Nakadimon
Beautiful main Yafa Akari
Yitzhak Yakar Itzhak Yakar
Itzhak Nisim
Yarkon Karni

Carmela Yarden

Lea Bdalov
Lea Broker
Lea Garon
Lea Vita
Lea Tolchinski Lea Tolchinski
Lubov Kunin
Lesley Sachs
Lidia Regev
Limor Gonen
Linda Koren
Lina Gaisinski
Lena Bukshtein

Maya Klener
Meira Gazit
Meira Vaserman
Medlen Shalit
Moti Beher
Mazal Levy Mazal Levy
Mazal Shtabinski
Michael Simis Michael Simis
Micha Shabtai Micha Shabtai
Michal Berkovitz Michal Berkovitz
Michal Katz Michal Katz
Michal Sahar Michal Sahar
Michal Kimhi Michal Kimhi
Michal Rotem Michal Rotem
Michal Tamari Michal Tamari
Mila Avidor
Mila Zur
Mina Haas
Miki Avraham
Miki Kaufman
Meirav Zamchi
Meirav Roldan
Mirabel Openhaimer
Mira Zalibanski Mira Zalibanski
Mira Yanco Mira Yanco
Mira Zurim Mira Zurim
Miri Yagel Miri Yagel
Miri Liberzon Miri Liberzon
Miri Zoller
Mirela Michalovitz Mirela Michalovitz
Mishel Nisani
Mali Azulai Mali Azulai
Mali Lazarov Mali Lazarov
Mali Mizrahi Mali Mizrachi
Malka Oppenheim Malka Openhaim
Malka Nissim
Margalit Sobol Margalit Sobol
Margalit Feldman Margalit Feldman
Margalit Keidar Margalit Keidar
Maria Balach
Miriam Yakar
Miriam Nachmani Miryam Nachmani
Moshe Adato
Moshe Fox
Moshe Shaham

Nava Elenbogen
Nava Bloom
Nava Yachini Nava Yachini
Nava Katz Nava Katz
Noga Menheim Noga Menhaim
Nadia Klain Nadia Klain
Nora Lederman Nora Lederman
Nora Feldman
Nurit Golos Nurit Golos
Nurit Gelbaum Nurit Gelbaum
Nurit Lavi Nurit Lavi
Nurit Liberman Nurit Liberman
Nurit Nechit
Nurit Platnik
Nurit Zvieli
Nataly Meranbech
Nataly Nasvizavitz Nataly Nasvizavitz
Neta Seri Neta Seri
Nili Pitovski Nili Pitovski
Nima Erez
Nina Soldayev Nina Soldayev
Nissim Vahaba
Nitz Galin
Nitza Palm
Using Somech nitzan Somech
Nira Almagor Nira Almagor
Nira Lubanov Nira Lubanov
Noa Serbernik
Noam Shmueli
Naomi for Neomi Peer
Neomi Sherf
Narda Peles Narda Peles

Svetlana Torovski
Sonia Furshik Farhi
Sophie Halbreich
Sigal Daniel
Sigal Vaisgur
Sigal Shohat
Sigalit Simon Ziv
Silvia Leon
Silvia Ravid
Sima Bibi Sima Bibi
Sima Yohanan Sima Yohanan
Simona Bibi Simona Bibi
Selia Perpanel Selia Perpanel
Smadar Azachi Smadar Azachi
Smadar Leomi
Smadar Lifshitz
Smadar Moseri
Smadar Kaminezki Smadar Kaminezki

Ada Bahat Ada Bahat
Adi Ornai Adi Ornai
Adi Korenraich
Edit Zerem Idit Zerem
Edna Hazan
Ezra David
Ido Bahar Ido Bahar
Idit Sinai Bilgaroi Idit Sinai Bilgaroi
Idan Tishler
Einat Gazit
Municipality of Irit Pinkas
Irit Ronen
Irit Shilo Municipality
Irit Shiloah Shipping Company
Aliza Barkan
Aliza Katz
Aliza Krantz
Amos Hanuka Amos Hanuka
Amos Redlich
Ami Bendet
Amit Koren
Grape Lavie Anavit Lavi
Anat Ben Ezra
Anat Glazer
Anat Morad
Anat Kashi
Anat Rosso Aknin
Anat Shilo
Ofra Barkan
Ofra Carmel Ofra Carmel
Ofra Tzadik Ofra Zadik

Polina Zuigel
Paz Perel Paz Perel
Pipa Balas Pipa Balas
Pnina Gold
Pnina Cohen
Pnina Levy
Pnina Prion
Fredi Kimel Fredi Kimel

Zvi Kind Zvi Kind
Zila Shmidt
Zipi Baranov
Zipi Sofer
Zipi Kameran
Zipora Goldberg
Zipora Zilber
Zipora Ram

Kosta Finchuk
Koral Kfir Koral Kfir
Cathy Winer Cathy Winer
Claude Amsallem
Clair Cohen Mishel
Keren Noiman

Rivka Hertz
Rivka Liber
Rivka Karni
Rivka Shaham
Rubi Busheri Rubi Busheri
Romema Lev Romema Lev
Roni Ambur Roni Ambur
Roni Perry Roni Perry
Roni Rokach Roni Rokach
Ronit Rozenblum Ronit Rozenblum
Ruthy Yerushalmi
Ruthy N Messika Ruthy N Messika
Ruthy Calderon
Rachel Hilbuch
Rachel Vaizer
Rachel Hanoch Rachel Hanoch
Rachel Hassidi Rachel Hassidi
Rachel Nissim
Rachel Papo
Racheli Anishban
Rina Gilat
Rina Drori
Rina Wais
Rinat Avihanan
Rinat Makmel
Rinat Rechter
Rinat Shaul
Rinat Shohat
Rika Yaacobovitz
Riki Zaarum
Reli Stav Reli Stav
Raya Cahana
Refresh field Raanan Sade
Refael Shpigel
Rafi Dishi Rafi Dishi
Rafi Zalalichin

Sagi Elkalay Sagi Elkalay
Shula Ben Shmuel
Shuli Klair
Shulamit Gilad
Shulamit Sadan
Shosh Savir
Shosh Kiryati
Shoshana Avrech
Shoshana Halpersin
Shoshana Klainer
Shoshana Reshef
Shira Holander
Shira Krauz
Shirli Baron
Shirly Zion
Shalom Hazema Shalom Hazema
Shlomo Katz
Shlomo Madrar
Shantal Lahan
Shani Doron Shani Doron
Sara Baraban
Sarah Goldwaser Shira Goldwaser
Sara Gat
Sara Katz
Sara Serry
Sharon Nakar
Sharon Kedem
Sari Aharonson
Sari Gutman
Sari Atir

Tehila Avniel
Long live Meiri Thiya Meiri
Tami Cohen Tami Cohen
Tami Lavi Tami Lavi
Tami Raz Tami Raz
Tamar Istrin Tamar Istrin
Tamar Kaplan Naiger Tamar Kaplan Naiger

Dear students!  We would be happy for you to send us photos of works by email. If you find an error, we'll be happy to get our attention.

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