Exhibition 2019

Gallery of an exhibition of sculpture and painting works by the students of the workshops for the year 2019

Name of the exhibition: Art about temporary

This is the first virtual exhibition we present, as the beginning of a new tradition. Art, like humanity itself, is not a passing thing. Art is temporary, and its display in the virtual complex will allow it to exist temporarily. Although the exhibition is virtual, the emotion is real. Our ambition is to continue to expand the museum and showrooms and you are welcome to join the journey. We hope that the visit and tour of the exhibition will be fun for you, we will be happy for you to respond and share your impression.

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Corona update

The activity of the studio takes place under the guidelines of the Ministry of Health.

The website and online store operate as usual. We send orders to all parts of the country and you can pick up yourself from the warehouse in Ramat Gan or from the studio during business hours.

For any questions we are available by phone and WhatsApp:
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