Exhibition 2018

Gallery of an exhibition of sculpture and painting works by the students of the workshops for the year 2018

Name of the exhibition: Past - Present - Future Art and time
Exhibition location: Givatayim Theater Date of the exhibition: 5/9/18-6/10/18

Next to the exhibition "Big Clock and Small Clock, Measure the Same Time", let's take a moment to art, and ask ourselves - what exactly is time?

The subject of the meaning of time has been of great interest to philosophers and scientists from then until today. Some say that time is a conditioned thing, it does not exist on its own, it is an idea or measure similar to length or weight for example. More scientific claims say that time does not depend on motion at all, it exists on its own. There is no difference between past or present or future time - there is one absolute time, existing just like space or space.

From the sources and opinions I encountered I came to the insight that the only time that really exists is the present time. Past and future are conditional and interchangeable. Future feelings, memories or plans we experience in the present. It turns out that the present is the only time that exists. And not only that, but the way we feel it is changing. Sometimes we feel like time is flying and sometimes it seems like a queen has stopped. So what is that present tense? Is it really just a time between the past and the future, what is called "here and now"?

"Seize the moment! Take everything now! Because the future can not come and the past no longer exists" is an approach that has become prevalent in our world. But memory is not always reliable, and the future does not come exactly as imagined. Therefore to me, present tense is not a time, but a time sheet of experience with memories and expectations that expand the boundaries of “this moment”.

Here art takes its place, in its ability to expand the boundaries of the present immeasurably. From my experience, while reading Shakespeare's sonatas, listening to Mozart's music or beginning a new work in painting and sculpture - I feel like my present time is doubling. Art influences the expansion of human time in that it evokes a sense of belonging to previous generations, and at the same time forms a bridge that will connect future generations as well.

This exhibition expands the present at least a year back, thanks to the memories and feelings that accompany the works on display we made this year. At the same time it inspires and desires to continue to create and thus expands the present a year ahead. In doing so, she attaches the works on display to the same art that sews time from contemporary topical layers to a multi-dimensional, more extended time.

On the eve of the opening of the exhibition

Tuesday 5/9/18 at 19:00 | Givatayim Theater, 40 Remez Street

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