Drawing in soft pastel

Drawing in soft pastel (dry pastel) is the most common of all types of pastel. Soft pastel colors that have a high percentage of pigment and come in different degrees of difficulty, from hard to extremely soft in the form of chalks or pastel pencils. The drawing in pastel began during the Renaissance in Italy and is popular to this day. Soft pastel is very powdery and delicate, easily applied and blended into new shades. Below is an explanation of the soft pastel and useful tips.

Drawing in soft pastel

Facts and Features of Soft Pastel

  • Soft pastel colors consist of a mixture of dye and a non-greasy filler, for example Arabian rubber.
  • Soft pastel with a smooth texture and easily spread. Appears in different degrees of difficulty and softness depending on the manufacturer in the form of rectangular chalks or pastel pencils. The chalks allow for a wider range of use while the pencils allow for greater accuracy. It is of course possible to combine chalk drawing with pencils and maximize the drawing options.
  • Soft pastel is delicate and fragile, creates a lot of powder at the time of drawing and is quite dirty. For children more oil or wax pastel is recommended than soft pastel.
  • Works in soft pastel, similar to charcoal, should be fixed using a fixative for work in layers and also at the end of the drawing. 

Emotional dimension and personal expression that allows drawing in soft pastel

Soft pastels connect to daydreams. They convey optimism and aesthetics, and invite softness, lightness, a sense of flow and work in long and wide movements.

The pastel colors allow for work in layers and thus deeper emotional work. Through the creation of grids in the upper layers, a sense of depth is created in the painting, and it is possible to observe through them inner and deeper layers.

Drawing in soft pastel - equipment and related materials

  • Painting bedding Newsprint, black Bristols and thick drawing papers.
  • Registration board או Yes drawing - Depending on your preferred way of working; Yes a table registration or yes stands for standing registration. Outdoor, nature or urban registration; A drawing board resting on the arm.
  • sharpener - Sharpener with strong metal that does not break the pencil, with a large hole diameter for soft pastel Pete pencils.
  • Coal diffuser - Blurring and applying pastel colors for a uniform texture, gradual color transitions and entry into subtleties in the small details.
  • Delete charcoal For erasing and removing excess color and lightening.
  • coal - When working with soft pastel, black charcoal can be combined in the painting.
  • Fixed - In the transition to additional layers and at the end of the work with soft pastel, it is essential to spray on the painting fixative to fix the powder color.

Tips and advice for the process of working with soft pastel

  • Soft pastels come in the form of powdered chalk sticks or In pencils. The pastel can be easily spread with a coarse spread on the paper. To get a rating of color and transitions between different shades, you can use a finger, paintbrush Dry, piece of cloth or Coal diffuser.
  • There is a tendency to use the fingers to blur pastel colors, but it is recommended to stay in use Coal sprinklersThis is because the skin tissue has an accumulation of fat that can form spots on the painting. Another option is to fix using fixative and continue with additional layers. At the same time, the work with the fingertips enhances the experience of sensuality and pleasure in painting in soft pastel colors. Try the different techniques and find out what your favorite technique is.
  • A soft pastel pencil does not get your hands dirty, suitable for smaller drawings in soft pastel, or for precision in small details, such as an eye, which is difficult to do with regular soft pastel chalks.
  • can be used In a charcoal eraser Elastic to erase and collect soft pastel powder from the painting. 
  • required Fixed To fix the paint layer to continue working in layers and achieve a more opaque and deeper color, as well as to fix the painting at the end.
  • If you want to make a sketch drawing in preparation for drawing, it is recommended to use a soft pastel pencil in shades of brown.
  • Use a knife to scrape soft pastel drawer paint powder to paint large areas or create textures of soil, stones and sand.
  • Through creating networks or points in two Primers, A surface is created that the eye unites and turns the colors into the hue created by direct mixing between them. For example, blue and red grids will be acceptable to the eye as a purple color.

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