Explanation of drawing paper

Here is an explanation of drawing paper including paper types, properties, properties and for which means of drawing each type of paper is suitable. In addition, some tips on choosing paper in relation to your purpose and recommending appropriate drawing aids.

Simple paper

Consists of wood chips, water, starch / resin (which adhere to the wood fibers and bond between them), with optical brightness additives for white paper, or with the addition of dyes to colored paper. Simple paper suitable for sketches and quick drawings In pencils, Pens, Markers.


Newsprint is a cheap paper used for drawing exercises by all means of drawing. Made from wood pulp that has not undergone any chemical or physical treatment and therefore tends to yellow and crumble. The color of the newsprint is light beige and has a smooth texture.

Drawing paper

Bristol board

Is uncoated paper with a machine finish. Bristol paper is smooth and suitable for drawing with Pencils, Pens וMarkers.

Fine paper

Fine drawing paper consists of wood chips boiled in a mixture of chemicals, which break down the various wood components and leave only the cellulose. There are also papers made from cotton fibers, linen fibers, or the aspartame plant. Fine paper suitable for advanced drawings in a variety of means of drawing.

Wood-free paper

Is a paper in which the lignin in the wood pulp is broken down by reaction with chlorine dioxide, leaving only cellulose fibers.

Paper with finish

Paper with a fine or smooth grained finish, without wood fibers, without acid, suitable for use with Efron, ink, coal, Soft pastel וOil pastel.

Drawing paper

Explanation of drawing paper

Some tips on drawing paper

  • For simple exercises and sketches will suit any type of paper, Includes simple wrapping paper. No need to invest in expensive paper.
  • For exercises aimed at achieving a high level of academic record, it is important to choose high quality paper with an erasable texture. Select Clear Suitable for work. Hard vinyl eraser is not effective enough in drawing, use a soft plasticine-like eraser, called Delete charcoal. With the help of the eraser you can delete and correct errors and also clarify shadows in the drawing In pencil. Same as when registering with coal.
  • Drawing paper can be paper in different shades of white, or alternatively colored and dark papers. Black paper is suitable for drawing in soft pastel and oil pastel. It is advisable to vary the color of the paper to develop the perception regarding the object, background and composition.
  • There is a paper that is suitable for a wide variety of drawing and painting means, dry media and wet media and their combination. Such paper comes with a Mix Media label and it is highly recommended to experiment and work with the various materials.

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