Explanation of registration aids

In addition to the various means of registration we use to create the registrations, there are various registration aids. Some are really necessary for the job and some can be a useful addition, depending on the means of registration with which you work. An explanation of registration aids will help them understand exactly what you need and how to choose from the selection available in the market.


Delete charcoal - Soft and flexible eraser, super useful in drawing. It is called a charcoal eraser but it is used not only for charcoal drawing but also for other drawing means for erasure and clarification. It can be designed in various shapes, for example a spike shape for point or wired deletion / clarification. During use it absorbs paint particles and becomes black and dirty, so it needs to be kneaded and it becomes gray and cleaner again for the next erasure.

Erase without PVC - Deletes white and leaves no marks after deletion. This deletion is not used for clarification in the registry, but for deletion.

Delete without latex - An eraser that is also suitable for erasing both drawings in graphite pencils and colored pencils. Another side of it is suitable for erasing pens and ink.

In drawing work, it is recommended to erase first with a charcoal eraser, which clarifies the layer the pencil או The coalThen erase with a PVC-free eraser, otherwise the eraser will only smear the layer and may remain stained.


A sharpener is a tool used to sharpen pencils in order to bring them into a convenient shape for drawing. A sharpener is fitted with a steel blade that removes from the edge The pencil A thin layer of wood with graphite, charcoal, or soft pastel. It is recommended that the metal be strong enough not to break the pencil.

עבור Drawing pencils A sharpener with a hole diameter of 0.9 cm should be used.
עבור Pete Pastel PencilsCharcoal pencils, Jumbo pencils and charcoal sprinklers, use a sharpener with a hole diameter of 1.2 cm.

If you use pencils of different types, it is recommended to purchase a sharpener with 2 holes instead of 2 sharpeners with different diameters. It is also advisable to choose a sharpener with a sharpening waste collection container for more convenient and orderly work.

Coal diffuser

Coal diffuser (Or charcoal blur or drawing blender) Comes in different sizes, can be worked on its edge and width. Charcoal diffuser is designed to blur lines and create color ratings in painting with Soft pastel colors, In registration with coal וGraphite pencils. When the charcoal spreader gets dirty it can be sharpened. If you do not have a charcoal spreader on hand, you can use soft tissue paper to blur.

There is a tendency to use the fingers in blurring coal או Soft pastel colors, But it is recommended to stay in use with charcoal sprinklers, because in the skin tissue there is an accumulation of fats that can create stains on the painting or drawing.


Fixed Is a transparent spray, dries quickly, covers the substrate with a protective coating layer, preserves and prevents smearing of Soft pastel colors, Oil pastelcoal And pencils. It is recommended to use work with layers in the drawing, to determine a bottom layer that will not be smeared later in the work on the drawing. In addition, it is advisable to spray at the end of the work to fix and prevent yellowing over time. 

The fixative should be sprayed about 30 cm from the drawing. 

Explanation of additional registration aids

Pencil case

It is advisable to keep drawing aids in a pencil case large enough to hold all the aids you will need. The pencil case material (for example, fabric, aluminum and plastic) is at your convenience. At the same time a soft cloth pencil case is recommended, as hard pencil cases can break the tip of the pencils.

Composition framework

Composition framework Used to select the compositional space for painting or drawing still life and landscape. The frame consists of two identical parts in the shape of the letter R, which must be attached at their corners with pins. You can change the shape of the frame, the ratio of its height and width, as well as its structure (horizontal or vertical). You can zoom in and out of the frame alternately from your eyes, until you find the preferred composition for drawing.

Exercise in nature with the use of a composition framework »
Still Life Drawing Exercise Using Composition »
Drawing exercise at home using composition »

Composition framework

Division square

The division square divides the observation space into four equal parts and is used to accurately position the selected object on the drawing substrate. It is recommended to close one eye and look through the division square in your strong eye.

Explanation of registration aids

Yes drawing

It is important to maintain a gradient work, at a right angle between the page and the eye, for more accurate results. When working on a drawing platform while lying on the table, one does not see the proportions correctly. To do this you have to work with Yes drawing: Yes desk drawing for work for drawing while sitting in small formats, yes drawing for drawing while standing on large formats. If your block of paper is not in a hard spiral binding, use a hard drawing board that will mediate between the sheets of paper and the pedestal.

Registration board

Registration board Hard resting on the arm or placed on a standing easel or desk stand, with clips catching the The registration paper. Convenient and portable to register both at home and outdoors, in nature, travel and hiking.


Over time you will accumulate many listings and it is recommended to keep them to follow the process. It is recommended that you keep notes on paper in flat folders, the size that fits your notes. Folder cardboard or PVC, or folder Portfolio With nylons per page to prevent friction between the pieces (excellent for charcoal / soft pastel drawings / oil pastel).

Explanation of registration aids

Registration studies at the Cherkov Studio in Givatayim - you are welcome to join:

Art workshops in a personal track - Painting, sculpture and drawing studies under the guidance of Alexander Cherkov for adults and young people, beginners and advanced. The studies are in a group setting with guidance and personal treatment for each participant.

Art workshops for children - Painting, sculpture and drawing studies under the guidance of Sophie Cherkov for children of primary school age, beginners and advanced. The studies in small groups with guidance and personal treatment for each participant.

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