Boutique policy

The terms of use of the above site are written in masculine language but what is said in it applies to both women and men. Is the online store (hereinafter the Website), of the Cherkov Group A.M. 313062648 (hereinafter the Company), from 14 Sde Boker Street, Givatayim, which operates a business at the above address for art studies and services for artists.

Intellectual Property and Copyright

The content of the site, which includes product images, text, technical specifications, graphics, etc., is the original content of the site owners.
It is hereby clarified that the owners of the site will take very seriously an infringement of their intellectual property rights and it is strictly forbidden to copy and / or reproduce and / or distribute and / or publish and / or use the content displayed on the site and / or do any action, directly or indirectly, that violates Or damage to the company's intellectual property, without express prior written permission.

How to purchase

Purchasing products through the site is permitted to anyone who lawfully holds a valid credit card or bank account.
The images displayed next to the products illustrate their content. Next to each product, its price is shown in shekels and includes VAT. Products will be purchased by adding them to the shopping cart. You can add and subtract items and change quantities in the shopping cart at any time until the order and actual purchase is completed.

way of payment

After editing the shopping cart, choose one of the payment methods. Payment is made by credit card (up to 6 payments) or transfer in one payment via Paybox / Bit / bank transfer. The site is secured through secure servers and the transmitted information is encrypted using SSL technology. Payment by credit card is made through a company Sarig target In PSI DSS technology, Billing is done upon approval of the payment form. The amount can be divided into several interest-free payments according to the following details: up to NIS 299 - payment 1 | NIS 300 up to NIS 499 - up to 2 payments | NIS 500 up to NIS 699 - up to 3 payments | 700 NIS - 899 NIS - up to 4 payments | 900 NIS - 1099 NIS - up to 5 payments | 1100 NIS and up - up to 6 payments. Payment by transfer is made by the customer after sending the order form and money transfer of the total order to the company account via the app Bit App Paybox Direct Bank Transfer. 

Order preparation

Most of the products displayed on the website are in the company's warehouses, and are available for immediate delivery. In exceptional cases, when a product is out of stock, the company will notify the customer by phone on the business day close to the order date, and the customer will retain the right to cancel the transaction free of charge. Order processing time is up to 5 business days (Excluding Fridays, Saturdays, holiday eves, holidays and holidays) From the moment we receive the payment, we make efforts for fast service and usually the order is ready in a shorter period of time. 

In the case of a quantity order, the processing time and preparation of the order may be extended depending on what is ordered. 

Delivery and delivery

Upon completion of the order preparation, it will be delivered to the delivery according to the option selected by the customer when placing the order. The date of delivery of the shipment to the recipient depends on the delivery address. The company will not be liable for direct or indirect damages as a result of delay or failure to deliver an order on time, due to the shipping company, an external party or any other party beyond its control. Delay will not be considered a breach of the Company's obligation to supply the Product. The company supplies its products all over the country and to other countries according to the following options:

Deliveries in Israel

  • Shipping To the house - At a cost of 35 NIS, the delivery will be made through the company's delivery service Yisgav Couriers Ltd. With a courier to the recipient's address. For purchases over NIS 350, delivery to the home will be free of charge. After ordering delivery by us from the courier company, The courier company will contact the customer to update the delivery of the shipment in the system and coordinate delivery. The delivery time to the recipient's address after processing the order and delivering it to the courier company is up to 5 business days and 7 business days to remote localities and subject to the courier company's policy. Total delivery of the order up to 10 business days (and up to 12 business days to remote localities) including processing time and preparation of the order by us and by the courier company.
  • Pickup Delivery will be free of charge through self-collection. There are products available for purchase in self-collection only due to their size or weight, adding these products to the shopping cart makes the entire order available for self-collection only (even if the shopping basket has products available for delivery to your home). After placing the order, the customer will be sent a confirmation of the order and a contact for collection from Studio Cherkov Givatayim, atAdvance coordination during business hours

Shipments abroad

  • We send to our customers outside the borders of Israel products that are not prohibited through Israel Post courier services By registered delivery (up to 5 weeks) or fast EMS (up to XNUMX weeks). If you added a product that is not approved for delivery or a product that is available for purchase only in self-collection, you will not be able to place the order.
  • The amount of the cost of delivery abroad depends on the country to which the delivery is made, the type of delivery and the total weight of the order - the cost and options for delivery will be displayed when entering the delivery address on the account page. The mail in the ordering country. After processing and preparing the order, the shipment will start and you will receive a message with a tracking number. You can track the delivery status in Israel Post.
  • Free shipping on purchases over X is not valid for shipments abroad. The shipping cost includes only the shipping service via Israel Post and does not include any additional customs / tax payment in the recipient country. Shipments abroad may be subject to customs or VAT costs in accordance with state laws. The item is shipped.These are costs that are difficult for us to anticipate and have no control over or connection to.Any such cost is at the customer's expense.
  • At the moment, Israel Post does not guarantee the time of delivery of the shipment due to the corona and the traffic restrictions in the various countries - therefore we have no way of knowing when the shipment will reach you.

Return of products / cancellation of transaction

If a product arrives defective to the customer's home, together with the shipping picture in its packaging as received, the company will be responsible and will replace the product for the customer at no cost. 

In case of cancellation of a transaction, any complete product can be returned in its original packaging, which has not been used, within 14 days from the date of receipt of the product. Cancellation of a transaction can be made by contacting the site's management by email The returned products must arrive at Studio Cherkov, where the customer will bear the costs involved in returning the product. The company will generate a refund of the full value of the returned product. 5% of the transaction price or NIS 100, whichever is lower. 

Jurisdiction in any matter and dispute will be vested in the Tel Aviv court.

Privacy Statement

In order to make the purchase on the website, the customer will provide his personal details and the credit card number in his possession, the company needs these details to complete the purchase process and charge the credit card. We guarantee that the information will be used for the purpose of making the transaction on this site only, will not make any other use of the information collected.

Sending advertising information
From time to time, the Company will send updates and promotions to customers via SMS. Should a customer wish to remove his details from the mailing list, he will notify in a return message.

Customer Service
For any questions / inquiries, you can contact customer service via email:
Viewing and purchasing on the site constitutes consent to the site's regulations.


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