Vincent Van Gogh

Vincent van Gogh (1853-1890), was a Dutch painter, considered one of the greatest painters. Van Gogh is associated with the post-Impressionist current in modern art. His works are divided into two styles in relation to two periods in his life. During his time living in the Netherlands, his paintings look gloomy, full of movement, short, round brushstrokes, and the use of a dark color scale. During the time he lived in the south of France, his paintings were rich in light, the use of bright colors, the brush strokes became more straightforward, and the addition of prominent black outlines. Van Gogh painted most of his works during the ten years leading up to his death. It is not known to this day if he committed suicide or was shot. Tragically, Van Gogh did not gain recognition in his life, but only about 11 years after his death, his paintings were first shown in an exhibition in Paris.

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Vincent Van Gogh
Alexander Cherkov, "Vincent Van Gogh", 2019, bas-relief clay, 4X45X22 cm

Selected quotes by the painter Vincent van Gogh:

"If you hear an inner voice telling you, 'You can't draw,' draw and no matter what, and that voice will one day be silenced."

"Normality is through asphalt: it is convenient to walk along it, but flowers do not grow on it."

"One should love to love as much as possible, because exactly in love - lies a real power, and he who loves a lot, does a lot and is capable of a lot, and what is done in love is done well."

"My love is not woven from moonlight and roses, and can sometimes be prosaic, like Monday morning."

Alexander Cherkov Sculpture Relief Portrait Of Painter Vincent Van Gogh | 6:50

The portrait of the painter Vincent van Gogh is part of a series of 25 selected artists who influenced the artist Alexander Cherkov [read more]

The "25" series of reliefs of the influential artists - available for purchase - limited edition

The project to create 25 reliefs of the artists in the various fields of art, was born out of Alexander Cherkov's desire to thank people who contributed to human culture and influenced his personal perception of art in particular and life in general. The "25" influential artists' series was created in 2019, the year Alexander and his family celebrated 25 years of living in the Land of Israel, and it symbolizes the years in which Alexander developed as a creative artist and art teacher for hundreds of students who studied with him and were an integral part of his personal development. .

limited edition
Each relief is signed with a copy of the original

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