"25" Influential Creators Series - By Alexander Cherkov

Feel free to watch the process of creating the reliefs, read selected quotes from each creator, and purchase a relief that you liked.

Art, one way or another, has an impact on each of us. When we talk about beloved artists, composers or writers, we mean the people who impressed us with their works, who had a formative influence.
There have been a lot of people like that in my life! And a desire was born to create a series of portraits of relief sculptures of personalities who particularly influenced the formation of a worldview. I selected 5 artists, 5 sculptors, 5 composers, 5 writers as well as 5 filmmakers. It was hard work - choosing the names that were most dear to me.
I want to emphasize that the list obtained is not the best ranking, in my opinion, of the personalities, but simply names of people, outstanding artists, wonderful representatives of humanity, to whom I feel a deep gratitude.

Alexander Cherkov, 2019

The book "The 25 Great Masters" - Available for purchase

The book "The 25 Great Masters" presents the unique project of the artist Alexander Cherkov. The book presents 25 reliefs by great artists accompanied by selected and inspiring quotes about art and its place in their lives. 

"25" Series Releases of the Influential Artists -
Available for purchase - limited edition

The project to create 25 reliefs of the artists in the various fields of art, was born out of Alexander Cherkov's desire to thank people who contributed to human culture and influenced his personal perception of art in particular and life in general. The "25" influential artists' series was created in 2019, the year Alexander and his family celebrated 25 years of living in the Land of Israel, and it symbolizes the years in which Alexander developed as a creative artist and art teacher for hundreds of students who studied with him and were an integral part of his personal development. .

limited edition
Each relief is signed with a copy of the original

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1 Thought of “25”

  1. Dear father,
    Impressive and inspiring to see all the portraits you have created, to see the touch and movement of your hand that create a living clay.
    I read all the quotes that talk about art as a way of looking at life in general and adopt them as mantras that reinforce a positive attitude to life.
    Thank you Dad for taking the time to share with us your connection with all 25 creators in such a unique, close, in-depth, visual and vivid way.
    Love you with all my heart, Sophie

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